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active directory self service

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  • Stadionus 0.2

    Stadionus - is a system for animating and analyzing football games. Everything that you wanted to know about a football match is now available to you. Which game statistics you receive in this program version: - Trajectory of players, which zones the player spent most time in and where they were most active at any time as chosen by the user - Player speed and acceleration graphics, direction of the action, pass accuracy and productivity of each player - Tactical and physical indicators of the ...

    Stadionus Software | | 74.69MB | 2012-06-03 05:15:49
  • SterJo Task Manager Free 2.2

    SterJo Task Manager Free is an advanced utility for process managing. It shows detailed information about each process and gives you the ability to terminate all unwanted or suspicious processes. The task section displays all running or not responding applications that can be easily terminated. Services gives you the list of all installed windows services and the opportunity of stopping or deleting all undesired services. The network section lists all open connections helping the user to detect ...

    SterJo Software | | 731KB | 2012-05-24 16:46:08
  • Creative CD! - Skinnable CD Audio Player 3.3

    Creative CD - Is an Advanced, Free Skinnable CD Audio Player For Windows 95 and Later... Creative CD Was Originally Created in 2002. Creative CD Contains the Following Features: Features: - Basic CD Player Functions (Play, Stop, Pause. Rev. Forw, Eject, Etc ...) - Volume Control ( CD volume, Master Volume, Mute ) - Playlist Window ( Add, Edit, Delete, Order Song ) - Repeat Playlist, Intro Play (Random Start), Shuffle - Repeat Track - Multiple CD-ROM Support ( Tested ...

    Hardy Creations Inc. | | 3.25MB | 2012-05-18 06:23:19
  • OE Recovery Free 1.0

    OE Recovery Free is the easiest email recovery service you may find, this program parses corrupted documents of dbx format used by this application and converts the data into clean and openable files with dbx extension that can be used in Outlook Express. The utility of oe recovery can be used on virtually all computers using all supported versions of Outlook Express email client, the usage of oe dbx recovery tool is possible on any PC, it is so easy that you can restore Outlook Express files wi ...

    OE Recovery Free Software Ltd. | | 1.1MB | 2012-05-12 13:33:51
  • JuniorWatch

    The Internet is a dangerous place to your kids. These days, children are no longer safe even within the confines of their own home. At the click of a mouse, your child is exposed to a myriad online dangers such as Online Grooming, Cyber Bullying, and inappropriate content. Children aged two to 17 spend an average of 39 percent of their time on the Internet, playing games online, reports the New York-based NDP Group. As a parent, navigating the web of online threats can be intimidating. By unde ...

    Timeon Technologies LLC | ... | 1.15MB | 2012-05-05 01:42:52
  • FileBackup-SkyDrive

    Products for users have the account of MicroSoft windows live skydrive service. Supported backup method.(total 4 method) 1. AFB is realtime autoamtic backup. (this is no setting and default mode and always works automatically.) 2. AllFileBackup ( manual backup - you can backup all data from your pc whenever you want to by this command. ) 3. Scheduling Backup ( manual backup and need to set target folder and working time.) 4. realtime oneway FolderSync ( manaul backup and need ...

    ITsoul | | 976KB | 2012-05-04 17:10:34
  • Attend HRM : Attendance, Payroll, HR 3.0.3

    HR Software with integrated time attendance and payroll. Includes Leave/Shift/Overtime/Project Management, employee scheduling, and much more. It works great for a small business with a few employees all the way up to a large multi-location organization with many employees. Supports multiple companies/users/time attendance devices/languages(English, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi and more). Also supports multiple databases(Firebird, SQL Server, Oracle, and more). Real-time and editable attendance, a ...

    Lenvica Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd | | 37.19MB | 2012-05-04 04:12:24
  • Gateway Mediation Server 1.0

    Gateway Mediation Server (GMS) is a free program that runs locally on your premises and provides remote access mediation service. GMS works with Usoris Remote Utilities or Usoris Quick Connect remote desktop software. The program consists of GMS service and Administrator's console. The service is run on the gateway PC while the Administrator's console is used to connect to server and administer it. GMS allows remote support companies and helpdesk providers to have fully independent remote suppo ...

    Usoris Systems | | 2.16MB | 2012-05-04 03:31:31
  • GreenCloud Printer - green pdf creator

    Eco-friendly printer driver to save money on your daily print jobs. Save 33% in average of paper, ink and toner without any compromise on quality. Create Pdf files. Use the same preview printing dialog whatever the software you are using. GreenCloud Printer is a virtual driver for your printer. Review printing jobs; Remove unwanted pages; group 1, 2, or 4 pages per sheet of paper; print to PDF; Directly print to Dropbox, Evernote or Minus Each app may offer a different user experience and interf ...

    ObviousIdea | | 18.02MB | 2012-05-03 19:39:58
  • BIT SvnBackup 1.01

    BIT SvnBackup: is a simple graphical utility for create backups of subversion servers (SVN). And easily store them in a remote computer without having to spend hundreds of dollars in a dedicated storage server or specialized subversion hosting solution. BIT SvnBackup allows you to use 2 types of backup: Hot Copy: a simple file backup that copies the entire repository directory. It is fast, but it keeps information about the underlying file system etc. The server where the copy is imported need ...

    BIT Frameworks | ... | 6.59MB | 2012-05-03 12:57:27
  • Lonak Connect 1.0.1

    Lonak Connect is a B2B communication and trade exchange software including instant messaging software, buying/selling offers, logistics directory, worldwide freight exchange, shipping and warehousing exchange, currency rates, unit conversion and maps. Enterprises can get in touch with other enterprises in minutes, make offers to their demands online, get offers. Find online import/export experts online and get answers to your questions in minutes. What can you do with Lonak Connect ? - You can ...

    Lonak Trade Network | | 4.97MB | 2012-05-03 04:27:31
  • World Amazing Cars Screensaver 1.0

    You can: Change the seconds of the image duration. Change the item order to Sequential, Random or Shuffle. Resize the images to Fit Screen, Resize to Fill Screen, Stretch, etc. Add/Remove the transitions effects and the speed. Use your own playlist. Control the Exit Conditions, on Mouse move, Mouse Button Click, Keyboard Button, ESC Button. Hide/Show the clock. Including track: The Crystal Method - Born too Slow *** Up to 60 World Amazing Cars High Quality Images (HQ) *** Multi Monitor Su ... | | 18.83MB | 2012-05-02 22:54:36
  • Centrify Express 2010.2

    Free Active Directory Integration and single sign-on for Linux and Mac OS X - Centrify Express is the No. 1 choice of IT professionals for Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on to cross-platform systems. Centrify Express is not only the quickest and easiest solution to use and deploy for integrating Linux and Mac systems with Active Directory, but delivers more functionality and more to upgrade to than alternative offerings. And best of all - it is free!

    Centrify Corporation | | 12.7MB | 2012-05-02 20:54:00
  • SEO PowerSuite Halloween Edition 1.0

    SEO PowerSuite Halloween Edition!!! Only until November 1st! Grab your chance to use the $999-worth SEO software and WIN A LICENSE KEY for free! Just hit the "Download" button below, get your free copy of the SEO PowerSuite tools and embark on the Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest. Use the SEO tools to optimize your website, have fun spotting the 13pumpkins with code words in them, fill out the special form on the company's website - and become one of the 5 winners! Spread the buzz: post the news of th ... SEO Software | | 52.29MB | 2012-05-02 19:12:01
  • My Lockbox 2.8.2

    My Lockbox is a security software enabling you to password protect folders on your computer. The protected folder is hidden and locked from any user and application of your system and also from the net. To access the protected folder you have to provide a valid password. The program is extremely easy to use. You can protect the folder and set the password during the setup procedure. After the setup is finished, your folder will be hidden and locked until you enter the valid password. My Lockbo ...

    FSPro Labs | ... | 2.97MB | 2012-05-02 07:16:57