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  • SafeWeb

    The SafeWeb is a freely available utility that allows you to quickly and efficiently set up your computer to use DNS servers provided by OpenDNS. The SafeWeb provides additional protection your home computer,when you surf the Internet, any web resource you access can infect the computer viruses, worms, spyware, etc. Thus, the exclusion of access to unprotected resources significantly reduces the risk of damage to your computer and data stored on it.This allows efficient use of the SafeWeb as a t ...

    Krondor | | 1MB | 2009-08-04 19:09:11
  • Candice Adult Screensaver 1.0

    Nude Candice is showing her sexy moves for FREE in 3D Adult Screensaver! Fluid realistic sexy animations and breathtaking details are the first impressions after XAYA screensaver starts. Candice belongs to a set of Adult Screensavers recently released by XAYA,s.r.o. and is available for Free on xaya3d homepage at along with Preview Animations.

    XAYA 3D Adult Screensavers | | 22.38MB | 2009-01-14 02:54:57
  • Nude School Erotic Dating Sim 2.0

    Nude School Dating Sim is the first erotic dating simulation we developed. It will bring you back to the last year of high school when you will meet Sarah. She is a transfer senior student from out of state. Your goal is to find the way to her heart and... eventually to her bed as well. The game is 70 chapters long and while advancing through them you will make decisions about your behavior around your highschool sweetheart. You are going to help her study for school, take her out on dates, fa ...

    Nude Heaven Software | | 14.74MB | 2008-12-12 17:07:43
  • Amstel Light Leaves Screensaver 3.0

    Download the Free Amstel Light Leaves Beer Screensaver from Let this Amstel Light screensaver fill your desktop with a soft covering of fall leaves. Download the Free Amstel Light Leaves Beer Screensaver today! No spyware, no hidden installs, no spam, no cost, no kidding!

    Scenic Reflections Screensavers | | 3.54MB | 2008-12-08 01:04:52
  • Lively Browser 4.3.0

    Lively Browser supports traditional Tabbed mode and our original Tree mode to surf in Internet as a Web browser. You can even browse hundreds of web pages simultaneously in its tree mode. In addition, Lively Browser has patent right for the tree mode browsing method. Top Rated Features of Lively Browser: 1) Tabbed Mode and Tree Mode Browsing; 2) Explore Alexa Top 500 Sites List ranked by global popularity; 3) Explore Alexa Top 100 Sites List ranked by 134 countries; 4) Explore Alexa Top 100 Sit ... | | 13.81MB | 2008-11-13 08:34:23
  • BearShare Pro

    BearShare 6.5.2 is the latest version of our leading file sharing program. Intuitive design, millions of users, safety features and quick setup - what more could you ask for? How about Free exclusive. BearShare music, help with common questions and Free tools! Come see what everyone is talking about. BearShare utilizes a completely decentralized peer to peer network, and is the most advanced file sharing application around. Trade any type of file: mp3, video, images, software, games, ebooks, e ...

    Free Peers, Inc | | 5.22MB | 2008-10-19 22:40:15
  • Jokes 1.0

    Free software jokes is just for the purpose of bringing a smile to your face! Program is easy to use. You can easily read jokes from this software. Optionally you can move forwared & backward to find jokes. Features: 1.No need to open browser. 2.Easy-to-use. 3.Very fast and small. 4.Easily search for jokes. 5.Totally Free!

    Klcj Software | | 1008KB | 2008-09-03 05:28:54
  • Cerberus Browser 2.0

    Cerberus is a unique, safe content Internet browser built around Google's Safe Search technology and available free from Precipice Software. Safe Search utilizes the power of Google's directory to classify websites on a scale that cannot be matched with any other filtering system. The downside to this technology is that it can be turned off by children, severely limiting its effectiveness. Cerberus eliminates this loophole and forces all websites through Safe Search. When combined with PC Chap ...

    Precipice Software | | 834KB | 2008-08-19 01:00:35
  • Asian Babe Cams 1.0

    a software with bundled sexy screensavers of asian babe cams models with opportunity to chat live with you.make sure you are 18 and above before you view these screensavers.

    filcam | | 18.56MB | 2008-08-17 16:23:00
  • Guinness Brewery Screensaver 3.0

    Download the Free Guinness Brewery Beer Screensaver from Go behind the gates of the Guinness Brewery with this screensaver delivered just in time for St. Patrick s Day! Download the Free Guinness Brewery Beer Screensaver today! No spyware, no hidden installs, no spam, no cost, no kidding!

    Scenic Reflections Screensavers | | 3.54MB | 2008-07-29 14:29:07
  • Free Online Dating 1.0

    Tubely is a free online dating service. No subscription fees and lifetime membership with text and audio video chat features. Tubely is a human edited profiles repository where participating members evaluate profiles. Easy to install and free to use. Tubely makes online dating easy and fun. Download now and join Tubely for Free Online Dating. Tubely works on windows XP/2000 and windows 2003

    Free Online Dating | | 1.64MB | 2008-07-10 00:16:49
  • Content Advisor Password Eliminator 1.1.2

    Content Advisor Password Eliminator is a program to remove Internet Explorer Content Advisor Password. this Password also known as Internet Explorer Supervisor Password. The password is usually set by the parents when they want to prevent their children accessing the adult content web sites. Another typical case is the boss or system administrator who is trying to limit and control the internet usage of his employees. There might be other cases when this password was set accidentally. Conten ...

    XaviWare Software | | 404KB | 2008-06-03 23:45:22
  • SEO cbt 1.0

    Search engine optimization is the most important and effective tool for your online business. SEOcbt is an in-depth program developed by SEO experts. And of course, it's free. So download your course now and leave your competition in the dust! Unit 1; Google Domination deals specifically with the top proven methods needed to obtain top placement on Google for the best possible keywords. It helps you master 3 major topics: Keyword Selection, Content Development and Optimization, and Linking. Th ...

    SEO cbt | | 1.62MB | 2008-05-24 00:35:23
  • Alien 3 1.0

    Alien 3 is a side-scrolling game released in 1993 for the SNES. It is different from the multi-platform release of the same name. The game consists of six levels loosely based on the events in Alien 3. The game also contains elements from the film Aliens such as the adult Alien Queen and military weaponry. The player assumes the role of Ellen Ripley and can use a variety of weapons and equipment including the motion scanner, welder, pulse rifle (both bullets and grenades), and flamethrower. Ad ...

    GameGuerilla | | 1.4MB | 2008-05-02 18:10:36
  • MobiPress Studio - Freeware MobiPress Studio - Freeware

    With MobiPress Studio, you can easily create and distribute your own media-rich mobile applications in minutes. This powerful tool enables anybody to publish thier photos, videos, music, articles, stories, etc. on the mobile platform and share with friends or distribute commerically. Build your own mobile magazine, subscription service, music service, tv/video applications, adult video service & more, then update the content on-the-fly. MobiPress Studio is the first software application to allo ...

    MobiPress | | 13.82MB | 2008-04-26 21:17:48