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  • Sendblaster 2.0.138

    The best bulk email sender and mailing list management software. It’s so user-friendly that you can launch your email marketing campaign in minutes: create a newsletter, select a mailing list and start its fast mass emailing engine SendBlaster is a powerful mailing list manager that will allow you to communicate with your customers and friends by creating and sending customized e-mails using your database and integrating with your web site mailing list. You can manage up to 15 customizable fi ...

    eDisplay srl | | 30.96MB | 2012-12-21 11:55:37
  • Mass Mailing News Free Edition

    Management-Ware Mass Mailing News is a mass email marketing program and a bulk emailing sender. This bulk email software is one of the most proven customer email relationship management software for successful opt-in email marketing campaigns and subscriber lists building. It makes building your business easy with tools that cover every aspect of email marketing. Build your own opt-in contact lists, create and send email campaigns in just minutes. It's never been easier to generate revenue and b ...

    Management-Ware Solutions | ... | 41.94MB | 2012-12-07 01:06:51
  • Excel Invoice Template 1.60

    This is a free Excel Invoice Template that provides a Fill In The Blank invoice form and is capable of calculating and creating invoices. Its what-you-see-is-what-you-get invoice form provides simple yet effective invoice software for small businesses. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you know how to use Excel Invoice Template. The invoice template is customizable, since it is based on Microsoft Excel. For example, you can easily change the text fonts, styles, colors of the template, by ... | | 40KB | 2012-10-17 18:36:16
  • Email Checker Basic 1.0

    Email Checker Basic: check and verify whether the email address is valid (format or syntax) and really existing on the corresponding email server without sending in SINGLE mode. Usually, it is used to maintain a clean emailing list. It's very easy to use: just input/paste the email address and press <Enter>, the result will show soon. The result contains status (OK/BAD), Description and Interaction between Email Checker Basic and email server. Key Features: Easy to use. Check validity and existe ...

    TriSun Software Inc. | | 199KB | 2012-04-18 04:06:03
  • Effective Aspects Free Writer 3.7

    Effective Writer can keep your different writings safe and secure. Your details can be books, scripts, diary, drafts, letters, quotes plus many more and this can save them all. The genre for your writing can also be set, such as adventure, children's, educational, motivational, personal development plus many more. | | 4.47MB | 2012-04-01 12:34:06
  • BallStream Drawsheet Control 1.1

    The BallStream Drawsheet Control is specially designed to cater for seeded draw sheets for 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 player fields. The software will total your players and automatically place them in the draw according to seed order allowing for byes. Once your players have been added for the Event you can sort the seed list by either click-dragging rows or by entering their rank number from 1 to whatever number of entries you have. Click-dragging rows may ensure that there are no errors in the se ...

    ArtistScope | | 6.99MB | 2012-03-21 19:38:42
  • Bulk Email Express

    Bulk Email Express Software: Create and Send personalized Newsletters with our Bulk email Marketing Program Our email marketing software is a complete mass mailing program. There are clients who call it bulk e-mailer, email campaign software, mass mailing program, bulk mailer, bulk emailing software, bulk email sender, email marketing and bulk email solutions ...but we call it simply Bulk Email Express Software! Bulk Email Express Software - Email Marketing Software Bulk Email Express Softwar ...

    Bulk Email Express Software | | 10.35MB | 2011-10-18 01:57:26
  • Spryka ePostMailer

    E-mail marketing comes naturally when you use ePostMailer. E-mail marketing is increasingly used by companies from small to enterprise scale for attracting potential customers to their e-commerce websites. ePostMailer puts the right tools you need for e-mail marketing within easy reach. Spryka ePostMailer is all about giving you the personal e-mail "touch" for your business e-mail needs. With ePostMailer, you will have each e-mail marketing campaign created as a separate and independent project ...

    Spryka Incorporated | | 13.96MB | 2011-08-29 17:58:47
  • BulkMassEmailer 1.5.8

    BulkMassEmailer is a full-featured bulk email sender and mailing list management software. It is powerful and easy-to-use that you can launch your email marketing campaigns in minutes. BulkMassEmailer enables you to send personalized HTML/plain text email messages or HTML-newsletters to a large group of peoples with attachments using mailing list.Create a newsletter, select one or more mailing lists and start its fast mass emailing engine. Simplify your email-marketing and grow your business! ...

    BulkMassEmailer Inc | | 3.5MB | 2011-08-24 04:12:00
  • Broil King BBQ Vancouver 1.0

    Demonstrating The BBQ Shop - Vancouver BBQ featuring wide selection of BBQ Grills such as Broil King and more. A one stop shop for all things BBQ and a must see showroom located in Port Coquitlam BC in Canada. Simply the best Vancouver BBQ Store !! The BBQ Shop stocks the largest variety and newest of Broil King grills and accessories. Visit them online at and be sure to sign up for their e-specials newsletter today ! This rapidly growing Vancouver BBQ store is beginni ...

    The BBQ Shop | | 523KB | 2011-05-24 11:00:48
  • E-Mail Advertiser 3.04

    E-Mail Advertiser is a program used for sending advertising e-mails. It offers the possibility to use an internal mail server, and also it can create or import lists with e-mails, domain names and e-mail usernames. It can generate e-mails. We have a database with more than 100 000 000 (100 million) domains from all over the world. You can send at least 200 000 e-mails in 24 hours with one single task which sends 100 e-mails at once. Imagine the possibility to contact a client, only once to ...

    BizSoft | | 6.5MB | 2011-04-25 11:44:10
  • PHPKode Newsletter X 1.1

    PHPKODE NEWSLETTER X is a web-based newsletter software and email marketing software used to start your email marketing campaigns and help you keep constant contact with subscribers. PHPKode Newsletter X is the best Email Marketing Software for managing your mailing list. Whether you own a business or manage email newsletters for clients. PHPKode Newsletter X 2.0 has been Released. Version change from 1.1 to 2.0 indicates PHPKode Newsletter X have been a mature newsletter and email marketing p ...

    iShang Information Industry Co., Ltd. | | 1.64MB | 2011-04-14 10:43:51
  • SESMailer 1.0

    SESMailer is a simple but powerful freeware tool for Windows that will let you get your Amazon SES email campaign running within minutes. You will be able to import recipients from CSV and send individual custom messages to each recipient.

    Astonsoft Ltd. | | 1.46MB | 2011-03-30 19:22:09
  • MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Delphi 2.0

    MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Delphi (MCM4D) is email marketing software to send personalized email to a permission based mailing list directly from Delphi, a programmable database or a spreadsheet. Companies, professionals, clubs, e-publishers, and individuals can use the Client Mailer to keep in contact with their customer base. Features of MCM4D include: - Send text or HTML mail directly from an application. - Supports multiple attachments. - Supports ISO-8859 and ASCII character sets. ...

    MarshallSoft Computing | | 482KB | 2011-03-09 01:31:35
  • Wordpress Newsletter Sender 1.0

    Wordpress Newsletter Sender is a free emailing software to keep contact with your wordpress blog subscribers and comment author

    WebMailGrabber | | 1009KB | 2011-02-01 06:27:49