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  • WireCAD

    WireCAD is a system design and documentation software that helps engineers and designers create CAD (dwg,dxf) documentation, draw and manage cable and connection information, automatically create functional block diagrams from user equipment definitions or download over 23000+ definitions from WireCAD's Community Library, automatically assign cable numbers, auto-populate rack layouts, print cable labels, bills of materials, and other reports. WireCAD is a stand-alone software, not a plugin. ...

    Holbrook Enterprises, Inc. dba WireCAD | | 43.43MB | 2010-02-26 09:46:35
  • AllWebMenus SEO CSS Menu Addin 1.0.1

    With the "AllWebMenus SEO CSS Menu Add-in" you can create feature-rich, SEO friendly, CSS menus for your websites easily! No JavaScript or CSS experience is required from you, just use this powerful interface (via our program AllWebMenus) and create cross-browser list menus, with many features, styles, effects & more! Create any type of web menu, such as: CSS drop-down menu, sliding menu, AJAX menu, horizontal menu, vertical menu, popup menu, mega drop-down menu, li menu, ul menu, etc. Search ...

    Likno Software | | 572KB | 2010-02-24 18:47:37
  • SQLScriptGenerator 0.9.2

    Using SQLScriptGenerator you can connect to your local or remove SQL Server and generate T-SQL script of the whole database or just database structure or just data or specific database objects. In the result it generates one or several *.sql files with CREATE, INSERT T-SQL statements that recreate database objects you've selected. See features for supported database objects.

    Pranas.NET | | 410KB | 2010-02-19 02:28:57
  • JadRetro 1.6

    JadRetro is a command-line utility that could help You to successfully decompile Java classes created by the modern Java compilers (of Java 1.4, Java 1.5 or later). JadRetro operates by transforming the specified Java class files (if needed) into ones which could be processed correctly by an old Java decompiler (designed to work with classes of Java 1.3 or earlier). JadRetro is not a decompiler itself, it is a class transformer helping some old (but good and time-proved) Java decompilers to conv ...

    IvMaiSoft LLC | | 101KB | 2010-02-18 18:47:18
  • Kakuro Dream 4.0

    Also known as Cross Sums or Kakro, Kakuro is a fun logic puzzle game in the same genre as Sudoku. Kakuro Dream is a Windows version of the famous game, kakuro. You can generate genuine kakuro puzzles in sizes from 6x6 to 14x14 and difficulties from easy to hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus on the logic. You can also enter puzzles from newspapers and solve them, or see the solution. Additionally you can store puzzles and co ...

    Sun Bear Games | | 3.03MB | 2010-02-15 19:27:21
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy 1.0

    But only until I saw Larry beacham also known as the LinkedIn King. This guy generates 50 leads using his little secret strategy. I dont think I have ever heard of anyone generate such amounts of leads romotely using LinkedIn. Here is what I am going to give you today… I am going to share with some of the things that I have learnt from this amazing webinar, and I actually done you a HUGE favour, I got for you an exclusive recording to the whole webinar which goes on 70 munites, so you can hear ...

    Wonderkid Marketing, LLC | | 243KB | 2010-02-15 07:24:07
  • DSL Speed Sitemaps Generator 1.0

    DSL Speed Sitemaps Generator is a free software that allows webmasters to Create an XML sitemap of their site . Main features Create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google,Yahoo and other search engines to help them crawl your website better. Creat Text sitemap to have a plain list of all your pages. By placing a formatted xml file with site map on your webserver, you enable Search Engine crawlers (like Google) to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, ... | | 1.34MB | 2010-02-10 07:02:49
  • satellites.xml

    satellites.xml All TV satellites and transponders in one xml file. Up-to-date. You can generate your own satellites.xml file with DreamBoxTools

    Protectedsoft Ltd. | | 636KB | 2010-02-03 04:08:03
  • HourGuard Free Timesheet Software 1.34

    HourGuard is an easy to use time sheet recording software designed to relieve the pressure of having to account for your time. Using this timesheet freeware is simple. Just click start when you begin working on a task and stop when you're finished. HourGuard will store this as a timesheet entry. After completing your task or at the end of the day, month or week, HourGuard will create a full timesheet including a break down of what you did when. HourGuard also lets you create invoices to bill fo ...

    NCH Software | | 203KB | 2010-01-29 23:37:04
  • X2X Free Audio to Flash Converter 1.0

    X2X Free Audio to Flash Converter is a professional and secure audio to flash converter which can help you convert both video and audio to Flash for free. It brings convenience for users to insert audio files to the web sites. X2X Free Audio to Flash Converter can generate HTML source code after audio to flash conversion. You can add flash MP3 Audio player to web sites by just copying the HTML source code and paste it to your web designer. All in all, you can use the source code directly to shar ...

    X2Xsoft Ltd. | | 3.63MB | 2010-01-27 11:15:47
  • Photo Wall 0.75

    Program to generate a single image consisting of many different photos, pictures, etc. graphic files. For example, for clarity, you can create a single image file gallery of some event in the form of a set of multiple images of reduced size.

    Delphi Sources | | 243KB | 2010-01-26 05:07:57
  • Everyday Auto Backup 2.0

    Everyday Auto Backup is an easy-to-use software designed to backup files automatically. After you added or modified a backup project, this software will immediately generate the list of today's tasks according to the project's settings. When the start time of a backup task arrives, this software will automatically start the backup task in the background without manual intervention. When the date changes (the new day arrives or the date of the computer is modified), this software will immedi ...

    LionMax Software | | 999KB | 2010-01-11 00:17:18
  • PassworG 1.2

    PassworG is a free password generator software intended to help you to create the random, highly secure and unique passwords with a single click. Using PassworG you can easily generate any number of passwords you need. You can manually enter the list of the allowed characters or select one of the predefined sets. The built-in password quality checker allows you to check your passwords quality and get suggestions on how to increase they strength.

    Badhim Software | ... | 1.33MB | 2010-01-10 12:35:38
  • Rumba XML 1.9

    "Installing Rumba on the site, you are entering into a community that is not based on the program, and at a certain way of thinking. Friends Rumba distinguishes desire to have a fast, compact site in order to communicate with the target audience. Mission Rumba is not intended to create a set of scripts that help people create their own sites, although we are doing well. Target Rumba: to strengthen the best quality content site, add to it the energy and demonstrate the highest standards of profe ...

    Rumba Netware | | 60KB | 2009-12-30 10:52:08
  • aMaze 2009.12.26

    aMaze is a Java puzzle game. Generate and explore mazes of varying complexity. The user interface allows you to watch as the maze is being built. Use your keyboard to navigate the finished maze.

    Virtual Toybox | | 121KB | 2009-12-27 14:42:41