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  • Doc To HTML Converter 3.35

    Doc to HTML Converter is a powerful tool developped to convert a word documents in to HTML file. Doc to HTML is only converter that preserve the word format in html document after conversion. Software is useful for those people who want to create website from word document. Word to HTML converting Software makes it easy and spontaneous to create fully formatted, linked HTML publications from within Microsoft Word. Software is able to supports batch conversion mode and a dozen more features for a ...

    Word To HTML Converter | | 831KB | 2009-09-06 01:38:20
  • AVG AntiSpyware 2.1

    AVG Anti-Spyware is a feature packed antispyware program, winner of multiple awards from security experts throughout the world, designed to safely scan, identify, and clean up all malicious spyware programs that can continue generate unwanted pop-ups, slow down PC speed, hijack homepage and more. If you have encountered random error messages, slower computer performance and internet browsing and have used registry cleaning or PC optimization software that has not corrected these problems, you m ...

    AntiSpyware | | 11.39MB | 2009-09-05 05:34:26
  • Internet Network Marketing 1.0

    Internet Netowrk Marketing. With Typo Buzz, you will be able to enter any keyword or phrase and then generate a ton of commonly misspelled keywords with just a push of the mouse. This allows you to capture clicks that other websites miss and drive targeted traffic to your sites right now. With the wrapper function, it will help boost your paid search engine marketing and your Adwords campaigns as well.

    Internet Network Marketing | | 1.34MB | 2009-08-31 17:47:08
  • Random List Generator 1.0

    Random List Generator is a Windows application developed to generate very quickly a list of thousands random numbers. Random List creator enables you to create a number as longer as 18 digits and making the list of these 5000 numbers. The list generating tool is very powerful tool and being developed by using the strong algorithms to generate the random number list. So this is for sure that the generated number will be perfectly random. With the Random List generator you can create sequential l ...

    Random List Generator Software | ... | 960KB | 2009-08-27 12:15:07
  • Word To HTML Converter 3.35

    Word to HTML Converter is powerful tool developped to convert a word documents to HTML file. Word to HTML converting Software makes it easy and spontaneous to create fully formatted, linked HTML publications from within Microsoft Word. Doc to HTML Converter tool allows you to publish a Word document like a press release, technical manual or other conditions on the web with very fast speed. Doc to HTML Converter tool allows you to publish a Word document like a press release, technical manual or ...

    Word To HTML Converter | | 831KB | 2009-08-21 11:25:10
  • Random Number Generator 1.0

    Random Number Generator is a Windows based application designed to generate quickly generate thousands random numbers in seconds. Random Number Generator Program allow users to add the prefix and suffix with all the numbers generated. So the generated random numbers can be positive or negative. Random numbers can be edit and copied to the clipboard for pasting into other applications. Random Number Generator can print all random numbers or save numbers as file. Random Number Generator will gener ...

    Random Number Generator Software | ... | 960KB | 2009-08-15 06:08:54
  • NIC Spider 2009 1.0 beta 2

    NIC Spider is a powerful program for creating and checking the availability of domain names for your site. Choosing a domain name is a very important procedure because it is the first step in your website promotion. If you select a particular domain, you can easily attract the visitors you need. Using prefixes, the program will generate plenty of domain names mirroring the specificity of your site. The process is very simple - just enter your keywords, select the list of prefixes, specify the ...

    FlexibleSoft Co. | | 1.63MB | 2009-08-11 14:24:47
  • Loan Calculator 1.0

    Loan Calculator provides an easy-to-use solution for webmasters wanting to give their site visitors an opportunity to calculate mortgage payments and funding options for home purchases or refinancing. This free program is available for download and can be used on the desktop or on servers for greater usage flexibility thanks to its use of Microsoft Silverlight. Using the application is easy and comfortable because its interface is similar to others designed for the desktop. Loan Calculator provi ...

    Loan Calculator .ms | | 437KB | 2009-08-08 19:16:45
  • 4Bec Info Box Creator 2.0

    Info Box Creator Will Help Create Cool And Helpful Info Boxes! Allows you to create create little boxes of information i.e. help, hints, tips, tricks, FAQ by simply going through some easy steps (so you can churn out info boxes in just a fraction of the time others will take!). Let your site visitors easily grasp your site features and be able to navigate without facing any difficulties. (this will boost your site's user-friendliness greatly!). Easily helps to add credibility to your websit ...

    4Bec Internet Inc. | | 1.8MB | 2009-08-01 06:35:41
  • CTMan 1.1

    CTMan is a program to manage executing of regular command-line tasks to perform certain functions on your computer. With CTMan you can create a set of command-line tasks to be regularly executed on your PC. The program allows you to select a task from this set and execute it with a single click. When you launchs selected item, the program captures standard task's output stream and displays it in the own window. In addition the program can analyse the output stream and generate own messages about ...

    SVA-soft | | 714KB | 2009-07-29 19:56:39
  • SEO 1.0

    Learn What It Takes to Generate TONS of Free Traffic w/ SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This Guide Takes You Step by Step To Getting Easy Search Engine Rankings!

    SEO | | 1.18MB | 2009-07-21 09:54:27
  • Contextual Partnership Free Plugin For WordPress 1.01

    The Free Contextual Partnership Plugin for WordPress allows you to exchange contextual text links with hundreds of other quality WordPress bloggers completely hands free. It costs nothing to participate and takes only 5 minutes to setup via a simple WordPress Plugin. All you need is a website running WordPress, the links you wish to advertise on other blogs in the network, and the keyword terms you wish to use to generate those links... It is designed to; Drive targeted visitors to your own b ...

    Contextual Partnership | | 49KB | 2009-07-15 06:23:44
  • PasswordGeneratorAndSafer 1.1

    Password Generator And Safer allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away.

    ApplicationBazar | | 363KB | 2009-07-06 14:03:46
  • PasswordManagerKeeper 1.6

    Password Manager Keeper is easy-to-use password creator application for Windows. Using Password Manager Keeper you do not have to think about creating and keeping new passwords. You need to remember only one master password. Password Manager Keeper will generate strong passwords for each one of your accounts. No more using the same password everywhere or using bulky password managers. Your passwords are just a few quick key-strokes away.

    ApplicationBazar | | 341KB | 2009-07-06 07:27:16
  • iTunes MP3 Export 1.6

    iTunes MP3 Export exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to standard .m3u playlist files. Provides a simple GUI application that can be used to generate playlists, a Graphical UI that provides a wizard interface to exporting playlists.

    ApplicationBazar | | 515KB | 2009-07-05 15:21:16