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  • Google Chrome Web Browser Beta

    Google Chrome Web Browser, Google's Browser. Key Features: Google Chrome is Google's open source browser project. As rumored before under the name of "Google Browser", this will be based on the existing rendering engine Webkit. Furthermore, it will include Google's Gears project. The browser will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8, built from scratch by a team in Denmark, and open-sourced as well so other browsers could include it. Google Chrome will use special tabs. The brow ...

    Google | | 7.34MB | 2008-09-18 14:30:44
  • Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme 1.00

    If you're not happy with the default skin of Google Chrome, you can download alternative theme files. Go to ChromoFans and look for something you like. Here's a Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme, you can free download it to enhance your Chrome Browse. Install Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme 1. Download Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme first. 2. Uncompressed the zip file to your local folder. Each zip file contains two files: the Google Chrome Theme file called "default.dll" and help d ...

    ChromeFans Workgroup | | 252KB | 2008-09-17 15:15:42
  • Track 'n share your GPS adventures! 2.0

    Annotate GPS track with text, photos and videos. Track 'n share your GPS adventures is the most flexible and easy to use software for recording all your adventures. A simple 3-step wizard will guide you. Automatically add media in the right location with just 3 clicks. View your track in Google maps and Earth. Choose to upload your adventures to The program automaticallly determines the countries you visited and shows the flags. Adding photos to your tracks is nothing new, bu ...

    BrainStax Ltd. | | 8.19MB | 2008-09-12 19:43:10
  • Cerberus Browser 2.0

    Cerberus is a unique, safe content Internet browser built around Google's Safe Search technology and available free from Precipice Software. Safe Search utilizes the power of Google's directory to classify websites on a scale that cannot be matched with any other filtering system. The downside to this technology is that it can be turned off by children, severely limiting its effectiveness. Cerberus eliminates this loophole and forces all websites through Safe Search. When combined with PC Chap ...

    Precipice Software | | 834KB | 2008-08-19 01:00:35
  • PC Chaperone Toolbar 5.7

    The PC Chaperone Toolbar is a FREE add-on for Internet Explorer that combines useful tools, such as a Google search box, with powerful and customizable Internet filters Using the same proven, powerful filtering technology as PC Chaperone (, the PC Chaperone Toolbar identifies and blocks web pages using a combination of our extensive database of known pages and dynamic filters that analyze pages before they are loaded. All filtering is completely silent, meaning that users ...

    Precipice Software | | 4.46MB | 2008-08-19 00:14:37
  • buySAFE Shopping Advisor 2.1.1

    Shopping online just got MUCH safer with BUYSAFE. Let?s face it; there are several risks with online shopping. Is your personal information going to be safe and secure? Are you going to get what you pay for exactly as promised? Fortunately, there?s now a way you can eliminate all of the risks of buying online with the new buySAFE Shopping Advisor. Two of its most powerful features are the Safe Shopping Rating and the Safe Shopping Portal. The Safe Shopping Rating instantly identifies the ...

    buySAFE, Inc. | | 1KB | 2008-08-17 20:43:59
  • Qnext- Unified Communication & Sharing 3.0.6

    Qnext unifies communication, broadcasting, and digital media sharing for business and consumers. Qnext?s advanced communication capabilities include: All contacts in one place, 8-way VoIP, 4-way video conferencing and a multi-protocol Universal IM that supports Yahoo!-AIM-ICQ-Jabber-Google Talk-IRC-and MSN, group chat, drag and drop file transfer of any size, and remote PC access. Qnext also offers real-time instant sharing of an unlimited number of files, videos or photos, and/or music streamin ...

    Qnext Corp | | 43.42MB | 2008-08-15 03:31:41
  • FLV Flash Video Burner 2.1.9

    Flash Video Burner converts and play iPhone,PSP (mp4) , Digicam (mpg), iPod (Mov), Video (DivX,Flv,Avi, Wmf), Flash (Flv) videos. Integrated interface for search, downloads and uploads for youtube, google, myspace, online videos.Playlists supported. | | 3.91MB | 2008-08-04 04:34:05
  • Driving Directions 1.0

    EZ Driving Direction Maps show you the best route to your destination

    Clear View | | 205KB | 2008-07-10 02:16:14

    Free Offline Site Map Generator for Windows creates sitemaps for your website. It scans the local folder with your web site copy to collect web site pages.It generates sitemaps of the Google Sitemap Protocol XML and/or the common Site Map HTML which are recognized by all search engines, including Google. There are templates for the header and the footer of the sitemap page. Also you can create the sitemap ONLINE at

    PC Time Limit | | 568KB | 2008-07-04 17:19:47
  • WordClick.exe

    WordClick is a search utility that helps you get search results for words you see in a webpage or email more quickly and easily. Simply hover your mouse over a word (or set of words) that you want to search for; when you see the words transformed into a 'searchlink', simply click (double click or Alt-click) to retrieve results. You choose what search engine results are returned. WordClick does not collect personal information, there is no registration, and will never spy on you or show you ads.

    WordClick LLC | | 332KB | 2008-06-25 20:42:27
  • Zoom Search Engine Free Edition 5.1.1016

    The Zoom Search Engine is a free package that allows web developers to add an industrial-strength custom search to their website in a matter of minutes. It is an extremely easy-to-use application that requires no complicated server-side set-up procedures. It can also be used to create search engines for intranets, CDs and DVDs as well. Zoom is capable of serving up to 300 queries a minute and it can index and search 1000's of web site domains in a single index. Developers who choose to upgrade ...

    Wrensoft | | 3.05MB | 2008-06-21 00:34:37
  • RankSense 1.0

    RankSense is a revolutionary new SEO software suite that makes ranking your web pages highly within the major search engines easier than ever before for the keywords and phrases most relevant to your business.You can bring a steady, ongoing stream of highly targeted traffic to your website from sources like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live even if you dont possess any technical knowledge or dont know anything about SEO. It offers amazing ease of use without sacrificing any of the power necessar ...

    Nemedia S.A | | 10.06MB | 2008-06-02 01:35:49
  • SEO cbt 1.0

    Search engine optimization is the most important and effective tool for your online business. SEOcbt is an in-depth program developed by SEO experts. And of course, it's free. So download your course now and leave your competition in the dust! Unit 1; Google Domination deals specifically with the top proven methods needed to obtain top placement on Google for the best possible keywords. It helps you master 3 major topics: Keyword Selection, Content Development and Optimization, and Linking. Th ...

    SEO cbt | | 1.62MB | 2008-05-24 00:35:23
  • Windows Live Messenger Translator 1.0

    Ever wish to talk to your MSN buddies in their native languages? Want to automatically translate your buddy's IM text into your native language? Try our FREE Windows Live Messenger Translator! Just type in your message text as normal, and let Windows Live Messenger Translator do the translation. The translated text is automatically sent to you and your buddy! Windows Live Messenger Translator is provided here for FREE as an open source project. You are welcome to download it, use it, or i ...

    Senstic | | 217KB | 2008-05-21 17:17:41