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  • Super Mario Bros - The Best Survival 1.00

    Our hero Mario must kill evil swarms of King Bowser! help princess Peach before is too late. Many enemies, bonuses, power ups, and big Badass Boss! | | 10.88MB | 2009-07-21 19:31:06
  • Super Mario Bros - For Maniacs 1.00

    Mario Maniac is a short colorful game created in few days. This game isn't difficult, it's dedicated for children. Just collecting coins, smashing evil slaves of bowser and winning. | | 11.94MB | 2009-06-30 02:05:31
  • Super Mario Bros - Crystals 1.00

    Phase trought the worlds. You must collect all the magic crystals in the level to move to another one. Rescue Mario true love and win. | | 12.71MB | 2009-06-29 23:39:20
  • Super Mario World 1.00

    Welcome in Super Marioland World, Princess Peach again baked the cake for Mario but King Koppa kidnaped her to his castle in the highest tower in the bastion. Mario must capture her from evil hands of tyrant. Collect coinds to gain more lives and catch the mushroom to grow up! | | 12.71MB | 2009-06-29 18:44:47
  • Super Mario Bros Pixel 1.00

    Welcome in Arena! Fight for survive. Super Mario Brothers strap in the murderous arena, evil goombas and koopa troopas will try to push you to the spikes... Brace yourself if you want to survive! Kill evil minions and fight for your life. | | 12.71MB | 2009-06-29 14:35:32
  • Super Mario Mario - Sonic Armageddon 1.00

    Sonic World is attacking! Defend the Mushroom Kingdom. The hedgedog the Sonic hero is the last hope. Evil Dr Eggman want to kill everybody in Mario Dimension. You must stop him. Many colorful levels filled with enemies and bonuses. | | 11.33MB | 2009-06-29 12:00:41
  • Super Mario Free - Castle Buster 1.00

    Well this is another part of Mario Castle Adventures. As you can see your main quest is to bust builded castles. You will go trought maps to enter the Towers and old Castles. Collect coins to gain lives and score. | | 12.71MB | 2009-06-29 05:55:10
  • Super Mario Bros - The Flayer 1.00

    The Cloud Land adventure. Go and get the magic key to open the gates to Mushroom Land. Mario strap in the Cloudy Land where are plenty of smokes and fogs. This will be hard quest for you. Guide mighty plumber to win. | | 11.72MB | 2009-06-29 02:13:08
  • Super Mario Bros - The Star 1.00

    Help Mario and his friends in collecting the Acient mighty stars. Once again Kind Koppa want to reach his goal in making the happyland of mushrooms to Hellyard. Well you've been choosed to help find all magic stars and rescue the beloved kingdom. | | 11.72MB | 2009-06-28 23:59:44
  • Super Mario Bros - The Real War 1.00

    Once again Mario must strap in harderous fight against evil minions of Bowser. The evil one is going to throw everything He've got to obliterate Mushroom City. Be aware! Bowser uses heavy tanks and military stufff! | | 11.72MB | 2009-06-28 22:09:34
  • Super Mario Bros Versus Halo 1.00

    Fight against Master Chief in addictional action game. You've been placed in the murderous arena where fight is the life of everyone. Mario must fight against Master Chief, You have autogun and shotgun. Gain score to be the best! | | 10.84MB | 2009-06-28 15:57:48
  • Super Mario Bros with Shotgun 1.00

    Mario is MAD! His Shotgun in Action! Destroy all evil buddies by giant two-barrel shotgun ready to action. Hazzardous game... filled with killing spreeds. Many enemies, many ammunition to shotgun. And many levels. | | 12.71MB | 2009-06-28 04:12:03
  • Super Mario Castle Adventures Quest 1.00

    Watch out! The evil Bowser is bulding new castles! You must stop him before is too late.. the Princess Peach is losing his territory! Only mario can defeat him. Good luck! | | 12.71MB | 2009-06-28 02:39:02
  • Super Sonic in Marioland 1.00

    Sonic is in dangerous, defeat evil Mushroom Kingdom! | | 13.05MB | 2009-06-27 19:03:02