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  • LSN Password Safe

    High security password manager + AntiKeyLogger + virtual keyboard + CAPTCHA. Easy to use and free. You can create as many fields per entry as you need. Portable version. File protection and data theft prevention. The synchronization of files on multiple drives for data loss protect. Some features: Windows text capturing protection. Secure work on another computer. Memory protection (run-time encoding and wiping). Integrated Captcha against emulators. The backup will protect your data from any er ...

    LSN | | 860KB | 2009-07-25 18:25:05
  • PasswordGeneratorAndSafer 1.1

    Password Generator And Safer allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away.

    ApplicationBazar | | 363KB | 2009-07-06 14:03:46
  • PasswordManagerKeeper 1.6

    Password Manager Keeper is easy-to-use password creator application for Windows. Using Password Manager Keeper you do not have to think about creating and keeping new passwords. You need to remember only one master password. Password Manager Keeper will generate strong passwords for each one of your accounts. No more using the same password everywhere or using bulky password managers. Your passwords are just a few quick key-strokes away.

    ApplicationBazar | | 341KB | 2009-07-06 07:27:16
  • Testimonials Generator 1.0

    Testimonials Generator - Review Site

    Testimonials Generator | | 518KB | 2009-06-27 22:22:57
  • Free MP3 Ringtone Maker 1.00

    Free MP3 Ringtone Maker is a freeware application which helps you easily create high quality cellphone ringtones. Your phone will ring like nobody else's! Create ringtones with a few simple steps: Open an mp3 file as the ringtone material and view the waveform of that mp3 file. Select a segment of your favorite music period using the mouse. Click "generate" and you have just created a hi-fi cellphone ringtone. It's that simple! Free MP3 Ringtone Maker uses the industry's most advanced mp3 ...

    GustoSoft | | 792KB | 2009-06-27 10:45:28
  • Topalt Reports for Outlook 1.2

    Reports is a utility that can generate Outlook performance report based on several criteria. Are you curious when you are most needed to answer your e-mails? To know that you can generate a report on message amount that is received during certain hours or days. Information is power. By knowing the behavior of your partners you can plan your time more efficiently. Main Features * Save time by being at your PC at the times when your are most needed * Generate message amount, bandwidth, ... | | 654KB | 2009-06-11 13:27:56
  • MAXA Notifier for Skype 1.2

    Why is MAXA Notifier for Skype useful? Skype will provide you with a visual or audible notification, according to your settings. However, if you are not always in front of you computer, you cannot track the online status of individual contacts without losing time and disturbing your concentration. Instead or in addition to an optical notification, MAXA Notifier for Skype will notify you AUDIBLY about the state of the individual contacts you are interested in. How do you use MAXA Notifier for Sk ...

    MAXA Research Int'l Inc | | 1.03MB | 2009-06-06 15:31:52
  • 85 PHP High Quality Scripts 1.0

    85 High Quality Php Scripts 1) Expired Domain Finder Script: 2) PHP Auto Hits Script: 3) PHP Link Listing Script: 4) PHP MySQL Yahoo Style Link Directory/Search Engine: 5) PHP MySQL Website Stats Business: 6) Automated Form Submission Prevention Script 7) A Sophisticated PHP Ecommerce Site 8) The Well Known osCommerce PHP Shopping Cart! 9) Your Own FTP Program Written In PHP: 10) A FAQ Generator PHP Script: 11) Two Very Nice PHP Toplists Scripts! 12) The Second Is A VERY Nicely Desi ...

    Bulk Cheap Ware Inc. | | 325KB | 2009-05-21 09:56:14
  • Cat Name Generator 1.2

    Generate your cat here for free. Just choose your cat type, click generate button. Your cat name will appear. Go try it! | | 435KB | 2009-05-06 19:06:06
  • AnVir Task Manager Free Portable 5.4

    Tool that controls everything running on computer and provides Windows enhancements that help in every-day work Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager • Full information about processes, internet connections, threads, drivers • Information about startup programs and services. Integrated database with Descriptions for 70 000 startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services • Icons in the system tray that indicate: CPU, disk, network, memory and Laptop battery Get rid ...

    task manager | ... | 557KB | 2009-04-18 04:50:42
  • SecretDrive 2.02

    SecretDrive is a FREE, small and reliable program that allows you to create up to 16 encrypted virtual disks. SecretDrive provides transparent on-the-fly data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms. Encrypted flash drive container support. Algorithms: AES (Rijndael), Blowfish, Twofish, CAST 256. Key features: strong "on the fly" data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms, simultaneous work with up to 16 virtual disks, RAM disk support, optional creation of up to ...

    Eterlogic Software | | 2.66MB | 2009-04-18 04:05:49
  • ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker 3.00

    The "80x15 brilliant buttons", also known as "antipixel buttons" or "web badges", are the very popular buttons especially that can be used in blogs, websites. ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker is a free web 2.0 style button generator, easy and fast to use. It makes possible to create 80x15 Brilliant Buttons without the need of programs like Photoshop. Pick some colors, enter some text, and you'll get a button you can download for your site. To make your button now, just click: <a href="http:// ...

    ACA Systems | | 0KB | 2009-04-17 19:48:46
  • Robots-txt-generator 1.01

    robots-txt generator The spiders that visit your site consumes much of your bandwidth? If you want to control the robots or spiders that visit your site, robots-txt generator is the solution. It is very common that the webmaster of each site spends a lot of money paying for bandwidth and it is unfair that a significant portion of that bandwidth is consumed spiders. Robots txt generator, you can stop or control the bots. Some robots or spiders saturate your server making countless queries per ...

    Robots txt | | 51KB | 2009-04-17 04:25:14
  • X-Lizard Password Generator 1.8

    X-Lizard Password Generator is a software program to generate random passwords containing a varied set of characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numerals. You can copy the password to the clipboard or save it to file. X-Lizard Password Generator is a stylish and compact application to help you generate strong random passwords.

    Softkhoz Studio Ltd. | | 2.19MB | 2009-04-15 00:59:41
  • WISeForm

    WISeForm provides easy single sign on to multiple web sites with one trusted digital identity or master password. High security data encryption and protection for password and form data synched in both Firefox and IE with optional automatic detection and logon to web sites. Strong encryption using AES (Rijndael), RSA and PKI. Free trusted digital identity protection from global leader WISeKey. USB portable. WISeForm automatically detects and logons on to sites, and and easily fills in repetitiv ...

    WISeKey SA | | 6.66MB | 2009-04-06 00:54:28