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softreg 2009

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  • XP Antivirus Remover 1.1

    XP Antivirus Remover will help you remove the notorious "XP Antivirus" program. XP Antivirus is a fake antivirus that tries to trick you into purchasing this rogue security program. Our program may not be able to remove all strains of XP Antivirus, but hopefully we can provide you with some tools or information that may be of use. XP Antivirus Remover is a free program from ConsumerSoft. XP Antivirus first become a problem in 2008 with a huge number of infections. By 2009 the problem had signif ...

    Consumer Software International | | 972KB | 2012-07-19 10:07:20
  • VBVoice 7

    Pronexus VBVoice Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software is a powerful, rapid application development toolkit for IVR solutions. VBVoice enables the creation of feature-rich inbound and outbound IVR solutions including auto-attendants, automated payments, fax applications, notifications, polling and surveys, just to name a few. IVR applications built with VBVoice have been deployed in numerous industries from banking to government, healthcare, insurance and utilities. The VBVoice IVR toolkit ...

    Pronexus Inc. | | 136.72MB | 2011-10-09 12:32:13
  • MYAndroid Protection 1.5/1.6 2011

    All-in-one Android security for maximum protection * Antivirus & Malware protection * Backup & Data recovery * Protection against theft & losses * Credit card & Identity theft protection MYAndroid Protection technology enables Antivirus & Malware protection, Real-time monitor, Backup & Data recovery, Protection against theft & losses, Credit card & Identity theft protection. Download fully-functional 30-day trial version for FREE! MYAndroid Protection takes the guesswork out of mo ...

    MYMobileSecurity | ... | 924KB | 2011-05-12 22:31:54
  • Baseball Stats 6.0

    Everything you wanted to know, and even information you didn't know you needed to know, about professional baseball in America. Major League Baseball Stats gives you access to a complete and very comprehensive database covering all the aspects of professional baseball. Our Major League Baseball Stats program, updated for the 2009 season, allows you access to the most complete database we have seen about baseball statistics available on the internet. If you have downloaded the database from The B ...

    PinderSoft | | 398KB | 2011-04-30 19:42:27
  • Tom and Jerry Bowling 1.0

    Play a game of bowling with Tom and Jerry. Just click the mouse when the desired position is reached and release it if the power is set.

    Mario Games | | 3.52MB | 2011-04-07 13:35:11
  • progeCAD Smart IntelliCAD AutoCAD Clone 2009.0.1.2

    progeCAD 2008 Smart!, Free for personal use, No learning curve for AutoCAD users, Industry standard AutoCAD Commands. Windows 7 32,Windows 7 64, AutoCAD Menu, Script, Font Compatibility, AutoLISP Compatibility! for architects, building kitchen and bath designers, civil, electrical, AEC, MEP and structural engineers, road, site and town planning etc. 2D and 3D CAD drawing using common AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT commands. AutoCAD DWG File 2.5 - 2009 Open and Save Compatible with AutoCAD menus, scrip ...

    progeCAD USA | | 96.65MB | 2011-03-28 14:04:17
  • Tarazan The Jungle of Doom 1.0

    Help Tarzan escape from the Jungle of Doom. To do this, he must swing from vine to vine, survive a crocodile-infested swamp, jump or duck falling rocks rolling down from Valley of Volcanos.

    Mario Games | | 3.83MB | 2011-03-10 21:53:47
  • Quake 3 Cutties 1.0

    Shoot those cute looking things as well as the deceiving cute like bad guys who shoot at you. Use Quake based rocket launcher to vaporize enemies and kill them before you will be eated by this things!

    Mario Games | | 3.47MB | 2011-02-25 03:30:22
  • MYAndroid Protection 2.0+ 2011

    MYAndroid Protection technology enables Virus protection, Privacy control, Backup & Data recovery, Performance optimisation, Protection against theft & losses, AntiSpam for both e-mail & SMS, Credit card & Identity theft protection. MYAndroid Protection takes the guesswork out of mobile security and helps to eliminate the technobable that makes mobile security difficult to understand and control. By combining an easy-to-use graphical interface with award-winning, business-strength technology a ...

    MYMobileSecurity | ... | 924KB | 2011-01-07 22:16:26
  • Super Mario Games Bros 1.0

    Super Mario Games Bros in this game meens something more - this is combination of two games. More informations about this game on <a href="">Mario Games</a> Is a mash-up of two classic arcade games: Super Mario Bros. and the famous Tetris Games. In this funny flash game, you play the little Mario Brothers of Nintendo and your mission is to save the princess. Jump and run with the arrow keys and switch between tetris and mario mode with spacebar.

    Mario Games | | 6.84MB | 2010-12-26 17:00:15
  • Super Mario Match 1.0

    Super Mario Bros Match mushrooms in this fun new mario game. Mario match is a fast and frantic puzzle game where you slide and clear symbols then swipe with your mouse to gain extra points. The only control in this game is mouse - use mouse to select similiar elements.

    Mario Games | | 4.34MB | 2010-12-25 22:01:26
  • Super Mario Miner 1.0

    Super Miner: As a Miner, your objective is to collect gold and gems and avoid from catching rocks and obstacles and reach to the goal of the level you are in. mario games

    Mario Games | | 4.88MB | 2010-12-23 03:22:35
  • Super Mario Woombie 1.0

    Super Mario Woombie is a cool game where you can easly edit your own Super Mario image, just download our game and select from six pictures desired one - next edit the picture using many fancy tools. Use your imagination to create wonderful arts!

    Mario Games | | 3.61MB | 2010-12-22 19:38:23
  • Pimp My Woman 1.0

    Do you ever wanted to change you women? Now you can! This program allows you to change your women to nice babe! Use many kinds of clothes, boots, hairs and more.

    Mario Games | | 3.85MB | 2010-12-18 19:33:06
  • Starcraft Flash Game 1.0

    This is a small game basen on famous Starcraft game. This time your main missions is to beat Zerg and Prothons starcrafts, use mighty Terran destroyer to beat evil enemies.

    Mario Games | | 10.4MB | 2010-12-05 20:26:08