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  • web based msde dba tool - Shusheng SQL Tool 1.0

    web-based MS SQL Server(MSDE)2000 client tool, query analyzer and dba utility to design, create, query, backup, manage and monitor database from a web browser. Pure ASP script, no installation needed. Freeware for Educational and Personal usage. For DBA ( Database Admin ) o Maintain Operators, Categories, Alerts, Notifications, Jobs, Job Steps and Schedules. o Monitor connections, locks and performance of SQL server. Kill bad process. o Administrate security for server logins (Windows and ...

    CELC | | 819KB | 2003-03-01 05:00:00
  • netChimes 1.0

    netChimes is a must for anyone who runs a website! A hybrid of a webcounter and an instant messenger, netChimes receives messages from your server, not your friends. An alert message is sent whenever a user accesses a netChimes-enabled page (using PHP), and plays a notification sound on your desktop. netChimes allows you to create a separate alert for every page, and can even be set up to notify you of image or file downloads. Shareware authors can receive alerts when their software is being do ...

    Birnam Labs | | 1.81MB | 2002-11-22 05:00:00