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  • Halloween Adventure Screensaver 3.0

    Halloween Adventure is one of the best our screensavers devoted to famous holiday. Halloween is the oldest holiday in the world. Celtic tradition of spirit celebration and Christian saints worship are mixed in this holiday. All sorts of evil come under the ground. Witches flying on the Sabbath, ghosts and vampires no longer shunned by men and appear before them in all its glory. On this night all the evil and dark forces appear out of their hiding places, scaring people who are not lucky enough ... | | 3.87MB | 2015-09-28 16:02:05
  • Grand Waterfalls 3.0

    Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful scenes of nature we can observe. Freely falling water in the air and crashing to the ground in a cloud of spray and a thundering roar - very impressive and fascinating view. If you install waterfalls screensaver you'll have an ability to view grand waterfalls on your desktop. Some features of this screensaver: nature sounds, realistic animation of butterflies, dragonflies, eagles and other inhabitants of grand waterfalls and clear lakes. Feel peace and app ... | | 4.45MB | 2015-09-23 21:09:08
  • Groboid 5.2

    Dynamic and lively arcade game with groovy tunes. Control an enormous worm, a creature driven by hunger. Let's go hunting! Pop out of the ground and eat the panicking people. But things will get more difficult in time. Tanks and helicopters will show up at your "restaurant" to deal with you. Alas, you can fight them too! The worm can take down the enemy craft, using a special technique to hurl rocks at them. The ultimate goal is to eat as many people as possible, to score the most points, befo ...

    Falco Software Company | | 13.96MB | 2014-11-17 13:29:13
  • iZip 2.3

    Zip, unzip, encrypt, and share files on your Mac with iZip! iZip is a simple to use, effective and powerful utility built from the ground up for Mac users like you! With the latest in compression and encryption technology built right in, iZip allows you to compress, secure and share your files with ease. Zip and unzip files Use the familiar Mac Finder to easily manage the contents of the most common archive file formats such is those created by WinZip, WinRAR and others. It's so easy treating a ...

    Codeius | | 13.92MB | 2014-11-04 23:26:54
  • SPEEDbit Video Accelerator

    SPEEDbit Video Accelerator 3.3 is a ground breaking application that lets you enjoy the world of internet video without long frustrating waits. Video Accelerator provides fast streaming of web videos from leading sites, and significantly reduces buffering of higher resolution HQ videos. With SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium you'll enjoy the future of HD videos without the freezing and buffering problems of today. Premium users also receive blazing fast iTunes downloads speeds so you can enjoy ...

    SPEEDbit LTD. | | 3.21MB | 2012-12-17 10:51:52
  • InstallAware Free Installer for Visual Studio 15

    InstallAware's new Free Installer runs inside Visual Studio and creates setups automatically, by scanning your loaded solutions for dependencies and output files, and including them in your setup. This special edition of InstallAware is freeware! You will be able to set basic project properties for your InstallAware setup directly inside the Visual Studio environment. You will also be able to reuse projects created by InstallAware's Free Edition outside of Visual Studio, by loading them inside t ...

    InstallAware Software | | 15.6MB | 2012-12-11 16:39:35
  • VoiceMate Professional 2.15

    VoiceMate Professional is an application designed soley for Command and Control. Unlike the majority of voice-enabled applications on the market, VoiceMate Professional was made from the ground up to cater for the non-dictation side of speech recognition. With the focal point of the application being command and control, all efforts were concentrated on this particular area of recognition; so you will not find VoiceMate Professional to be a "Jack of All Trades", but a master of one: controlling ...

    Joseph Cox | | 2.47MB | 2012-05-03 18:54:41
  • Silkroad Online Legend VIII 1.315

    SILKROAD ONLINE - LEGEND VIII: MYSTERIOUS TEMPLE OF JUPITER v1.315 New full game client version of this free to play MMORPG, an intense 3D fantasy world! Silkroad Online is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) based on the adventures of international trade between China, Islam, and European nations on the historical Silk Road. In Silkroad, players are immersed in the diverse cultures of Asia, Europe, and the unexplored realm in between. Within the game there are nonstop, constant ...

    Joymax Co. Ltd | ... | 1.6GB | 2012-04-10 12:55:07
  • Flash flip book theme of Webshots 1.0

    Today we provide the web shots style flash flippingbook templates, which can help you out with the flippingbook exterior designing. We made all these templates packs are for any of you to download and use directly to flash books. Come take a look at our ready-made flash templates and choose one if you don't want to make themes yourself, for that may cost much time. We collected some scape shots from web to make them as backgrounds, perfect match and easy using. This time the web shots are in a p ... | | 3.6MB | 2012-02-27 07:11:11
  • Flash flip book template of Sailing 1.0

    Today here comes the sailing style templates pack for flash flipping magazines. Ocean is the cradle of life, all life on the earth is from the sea. The ground is where we grown up and the sea is where we were born. Sailing on the sea you can feel wind caress your face and cross your hair, the wave swings and whispers to your ears. What a pleasant scene, isn't it? You can have it at your own and feel it by downloading the template for your flip page books. Our themes fit to all electronic publica ... | | 3.3MB | 2011-12-23 07:03:49
  • FlashBook Template Pack for Leaves 1.0

    This is a yellow leaves style flash animated template for flash books. Though the autumn had passed and now is winter, I think many of you still remember leaves that fell down from the trees. They drew golden lines across the air and fell to the ground, knit a long wide carpet to cover the earth. You think it's the end of their life? No, they fell on the ground, provide nutrient to where they used to belong----trees, so that when spring comes, new leaves will sprout. This is the circle of life. | | 4.17MB | 2011-11-16 08:21:00
  • Atomic Clock ScreenSaver 2.8

    The first accurate atomic clock was built in 1955. This led to the internationally agreed definition of the second being based on atomic time. Under the International System of Units, the second is currently defined as the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium atom. Feel the rhythm of the Universe's symphony with the Atomic Clock screensaver and always know the accurate ti ... | | 1.44MB | 2011-10-07 22:16:37
  • 3D Stunt Pilot 1.0

    Those magnificent men in their flying machines are racing against the clock in 3D Stunt Pilot. Fly through all the hoops and dodge other obstacles. Don’t crash into the ground. Navigate the courses in the quickest time possible and emerge victorious. Use the mouse to control your aircraft. | | 4.82MB | 2011-09-22 08:48:53
  • free download icytower game

    download the most popular game in 2011 , download icytower 2011 on your pc now>> Icy Tower is a popular freeware computer game that is a combination of an action game and a platform game. The goal of the game character is to climb a tower by jumping, The goal of the player is to reach a high number of steps (floors) and points (awarded for making special sequences of jumps). The game becomes more difficult as the character climbs the tower. The game screen is fully occupied by a vertical cross ... | | 1.37MB | 2011-09-12 19:42:43
  • download free action games installer

    Explore a huge city and try to avoid getting schooled by rival racers. Three new gameplay mode for the hardcore driver looking to perfect their skills Put your reputation on the line, by going online -- challenge the world's best racers and bet your car against theirs Realistic racing challenges - Deal with real-time weather effects, environmental hazards, multiple track types and more,We have analyzed the latest version of Need for Speed UnderGround 2 with 30 antivirus engines and it is virus f ... | | 1.37MB | 2011-09-09 17:07:02