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  • InfoHesiveEP-Viewer

    InfoHesiveEP Freeware Viewer opens InfoHesiveEP Help and Project files, and .chm Windows help files. The InfoHesiveEP Freeware Viewer provides the facility to easily annotate any ePublication viewed in the program with bookmarks, text, images, and associated files. User can for example open a help file saved as .chm (a standard Windows help file), then add their own notes, screenshots, and associated files that further assist their understanding of the product or service. Annotations are managed ...

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  • InfoHesiveEP

    InfoHesiveEP Freeware allows you to easily build ePublications, help files, manuals, eBooks, guides and support documentation. Import ePUB, PDF, Doc, DocX, and CHM help files. Annotate publications with bookmarks, text, images, and associated files. Export to rich text, html, PDF, LIC, Mobi, ePUB that is supported in a range of digital mobile devices. Create articles and link to any type of data file or web page. An extensive Help File and free support ticketing and resources to all licensed use ...

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