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  • DJ1 1.0.71

    DJ1 media player combined with that iCloud Messaging technology, is revolutionary. The drag and drop features allow you to legally share music instantly with any and all friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. This combined with the ability for the DJ 1 to hold the tracks for you to share with others repeatedly, or even add them to your playlist, makes this a must have messaging system. This new generation of social media player match you with not only average people but even celebrities wh ...

    3D Solar UK Ltd | | 110KB | 2012-03-22 21:51:43
  • TronMe Media Player 2.3

    Broadcast Yourself Live- Using TronMe anyone can mix and perform their favorites songs live on MSN, his blog, Youtube or even Mogulus; it's a whole new level of interactivity that is certain to appeal to wannabe performers of all ages. Each song is separated into different tracks or building blocks and the software mixes these back together based on the movements detected through the computer's web cam to provide an exclusive mix every time. The amazing part of this technology lies in its simp ...

    3D Solar UK Ltd | | 16.03MB | 2008-09-27 01:34:08