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  • 7art Secret Land screensaver 2.9

    Welcome into the secret land where all nature seems to be dancing as if celebrating its harmony and virginity of the world. Peculiar plants, friendly creatures and cheery waters stream down relaxative spirit of pure beauty and simple joy into your PC and your mind. | | 3.7MB | 2010-03-09 19:07:05
  • 7art Foliage Clock screensaver 1.1

    Withdraw into the mighty ocean of ripe foliage and seem to smell the freshness of moist forest streaming into your setting. Always be in touch with the core of pure green nature which enables you to feel fluidity and smooth expanding of never-in-hurry Time. | | 1.75MB | 2010-03-02 23:22:47
  • 7art Eternal Love Clock screensaver 1.1

    It is high time to feel that happiness is never far behind when thoughts of your Valentines come into mind Tenderness, eternal spring and affection in your hearts make our Universe a most wonderful place to live lives of love and sing tunes of amour! | | 2.79MB | 2010-02-09 21:09:20
  • Fiesta Clock ScreenSaver Mac OS X 1.1

    The ancient tower clock in a seaside town with crystal clear sky, sunny serene ocean, ships and yachts in a charming bay, little houses on a warm fertile land. Get into this magic world where the time is going slowly, nobody hurries up. Soft vivid colors calm your mind and make you feel good. | | 1.89MB | 2010-01-27 21:17:56
  • One World clock Mac OS edition 2.7

    We live in one world there everything is interconnected and interdependent. There is no difference where we live and what we think - we share one single planet Earth under the common Sun. | | 3.24MB | 2009-09-10 12:42:39
  • Love Heart Clock ScreenSaver 2.7

    The loving heart beats tenderly and spreads glowing rays of the all-powerful feeling. Time goes on unhurriedly for loving people. Stop what you do, remember your beloved and touch the warm feeling in your hands, heart and dreams. | | 3.44MB | 2009-08-21 15:31:25
  • 7art Secret Island 3D 1.1

    Take a boat to the fairy ship which will get you to the secret equatorial island. Crystal clear waters, tender clouds and evergreen palms will create atmosphere of calm and happiness. Soft little waves will teleport you to the source of your dreams. | | 6.32MB | 2008-10-25 22:52:29
  • 7art Halloween Festival 3D 1.3

    7art Halloween Festival screensaver is a spooky-tacular way to celebrate Halloween or any other holiday and a special occasion, like a birthday in autumn. Install the screensaver and you and people around, whether young or young-at-heart, are in for a real treat! As you give you mouse a little rest, the display slowly blacks out and you suddenly find yourself in a secluded, misty wood with a mill in the center. And all around it are green, funny goblins dancing polka, playing with the pumpk ... | | 14.34MB | 2008-10-14 23:06:57
  • 7art Interstellar Clock Factory screensaver 2.7

    Ingenious Alien scientists created the Interstellar Clock Factory. It was launched into space and reached the Solar System where aliens met artists from 7art. Now the majority of 7art clocks produced at the Clock factory. Alien technology provides each clock with it's unique magical features to enrich the quality of Time. | | 8.43MB | 2008-10-02 18:05:03