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  • Side-By-Side Explorer 1.0

    SBS Explorer handles Windows Explorer (the OS file manager) from the system tray. Click to open one centered Explorer. Double-click to open a pair of side-by-side Explorers. Use the Menu Builder to create custom Explorer configurations in the context menu. Each session (single or side-by-side) has its own tray icon. Click icon to hide or show session, independent of other windows on screen. Make a side-by-side session out of two singles. Windows Explorer is an excellent file manager. ...

    Anasoftware | | 2.98MB | 2007-08-29 10:07:18
  • Ergo Romanian 1 1.5

    -- What is ER1? -- A small software application that installs and auto-configures the optimal keyboard layout for the Romanian language. After installation, the Romanian ER1 layout is readily available from the Language Bar. --- What is the ER1 layout? -- A mapping (layout) and method of operation for the Romanian alphabetic diacritic characters on QWERTY and QWERTZ (not in ER1 v1.0) keyboards, where non-Romanian letters like Q, W, Y, K, X are moved to the AltGr shift state to make space fo ...

    Anasoftware | | 795KB | 2007-06-19 09:43:47