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  • BIT SvnBackup 1.01

    BIT SvnBackup: is a simple graphical utility for create backups of subversion servers (SVN). And easily store them in a remote computer without having to spend hundreds of dollars in a dedicated storage server or specialized subversion hosting solution. BIT SvnBackup allows you to use 2 types of backup: Hot Copy: a simple file backup that copies the entire repository directory. It is fast, but it keeps information about the underlying file system etc. The server where the copy is imported need ...

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  • Brevitas Business Intelligence Framework 1.0

    Brevitas is a Microsoft .Net based business intelligence framework for windows operative system, specially designed to handle two of the biggest tasks on analyze and represent data. Extract and represent the data: our framework handles and store all the information needed to extract the data and represent it, from connection strings and queries to report layouts, settings and security options. Maximizing the reusability of the metadata needed to extract the data and minimizing the efforts neede ...

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