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  • Stealth Web Page Recorder 1.1

    Stealth Web Page Recorder is a simple spy software utility for web page recording. This program will be useful if you want to record e-mail messages of any Web Mail service. Also it can record contents of password protected pages and web pages which use secure HTTPS connection. The new version also captures logins and passwords for the sites. It is absolutely undetectable after the installation. Stealth Web Page Recorder stores the text of web pages visited and lets you easily review the saved ...

    BlazingTools Software | | 114KB | 2004-11-15 05:00:00
  • BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite 1.15

    Do you want to know what your buddy or colleague is typing? May be you want to control your family members - what are they doing on your computer? Some applications of the keylogger: - Monitor children?s activity for parents - Monitor what programs opened and when - Recall what you wrote some time ago - Special purposes Features: - Invisible in Task Manager List - Logging texts typed in every application (including passwords and other hidden texts) - Log file is encrypted and can be protected wi ...

    BlazingTools Software | | 172KB | 2004-02-22 05:00:00
  • XP Logon Password Logger 1.0

    XP Logon Password Logger invisibly records user name and password at Windows 2000/XP logon to a file. Then you can easily review them later. This software is based on a low-level keyboard driver and is absolutely undetectable for end-user. It works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

    BlazingTools Software | | 127KB | 2003-04-04 05:00:00