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  • Bolide Slideshow Creator 1.4

    Slideshow Creator is the smart software which saves a lot of your time and makes it super easy for you to create just amazing slideshow videos! This program helps you avoid uploading hundreds of photos from your summer holiday or birthday party or your friends' wedding or some other celebration - instead you make only one stunning slideshow video which includes all your photos and even more! As you may guess, using Slideshow Creator you can not only combine photos into a movie with you and your ...

    Bolide Software | | 6.35MB | 2012-05-30 04:24:03
  • All My Software 1.6 free

    Do you ever lose any registration information for purchased software? Are your serial numbers, passwords etc. scattered about in notebooks or scribbled on bits of paper? Do you want an organised system for keeping all of your registration records securely in one place? Well, here is the answer to your prayers! You will never lose your license details again if you use our home software inventory product, "All My Software". With a flexible backup reminder, "All My Software" will safely sto ...

    Bolide Software | | 999KB | 2010-01-19 15:45:52