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01 PornHub Video Downloader 3.18
02 WinRAR free version 4.2
03 Hotspot Shield 1.0
04 Shakira Sexy Hot Screensaver 1.0
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08 Netman 6.41
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Latest Users' Opinions
Checkers Draughts Game 4.0 [2020-08-25 09:59:12] 4
i am good for training, wish to download and copy for personal training
48x48 Free Object Icons 2011.1 [2020-02-25 18:09:30] 5
The best icons. The best icons.The best icons.The best iconsThe best iconsThe best icons
48x48 Free Object Icons 2011.1 [2020-02-25 17:57:45] 5
The best icons. The best icons.The best icons.The best iconsThe best iconsThe best icons
Freemake Video Downloader 3.6.1 [2019-10-24 06:04:34] 3
since upgrading to version Freemake wont work on some adult sites , where the previous vers ...
Freemake Video Downloader 3.6.1 [2019-09-15 14:14:35] 5
Freemake Video Downloader 3.6.1 [2019-09-15 14:13:37] 5
Freemake Video Downloader 3.6.1 [2019-09-15 11:20:18] 4
Freemake Video Downloader 3.6.1 [2019-09-15 11:03:34] 5
Freemake Video Downloader 3.6.1 [2019-09-15 10:59:43] 5
3D Space Clock ScreenSaver 2.3 [2019-09-09 12:02:46] 1
3D Space Clock ScreenSaver 2.3 Related

  • Maclaren Quest Stroller 1.0

    This is a CHMOD Calculator for Intenet Explorer linked to Maclaren Quest Stroller Site and it is linked to a website for you to download the calculator from. This calculator allows you to calculate file permissions on your website. This is a very useful tool for many programmers out their, again for the purpose of looking to calulate their file permissions.

    Maclaren Quest Stroller | | 414KB | 2009-07-10 21:24:32
  • Loan Amortization Payoff Calculator 1.0

    Keep track of your loans easily with this Loan Amortization Payoff Calculator. Find out how much you can reduce your interest and payment periods by paying a little extra occasionally.

    Excelified | | 0KB | 2009-04-18 07:22:06
  • calcAnt 3.2.0

    calcAnt is a revolutionary new kind of calculator for your Windows PC. You can comment your calculations and save them. Open your calculations again afterwards and change some of the numbers. calcAnt will always calculate the results again.

    SFR GmbH | | 524KB | 2009-02-11 13:02:13
  • Bathroom Vanity 1.0

    Bathroom Vanity chmod calculator for IE. Find bathroom vanities, vessel sinks and faucets for all your bathroom remodeling needs. Bathroom resources for the DIY.

    Bathroom Vanity | bathroom vanity/chmod bathroom vanity.exe | 414KB | 2009-01-27 07:37:09
  • Candle Chandelier 1.0

    Candle Chandelier chmod calculator for IE. Find light fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces and wall crosses for all your home decorating and remodeling needs. Light fixtures resources for the DIY.

    Candle Chandelier | ... | 414KB | 2009-01-27 06:58:42
  • Calculator 1.0

    Minimalist calculator which takes advantage of your keyboard's keypad. Easy to use. Free.

    Digital Services of South Florida, Inc. | | 20KB | 2008-11-18 06:06:41
  • eCalc Calculator 1.01

    eCalc is a free Windows calculator with basic and scientific functions. The calculator is designed with a high level of aesthetics, including large buttons and an easy to read display. The calculator operates with a frameless border and stays open above your other programs - making it an ideal side companion tool. Notable features of this calculator include memory functions, percent, sqrt(x), sqr(x), inv(x), and an engineering exponent key (EEX). The calculator includes a link to eCalc's onl ...

    eCalc | | 728KB | 2008-09-22 19:53:36
  • Debt Settlement Calculator 1.0

    The Debt Consolidation Calculator is a fine economic tool used for determining the amount of time needed to pay off any given debt. It will also let you know how much interest you will be paying off on top of the debt already owed. Please be advised that this calculator must not be taken as financial or legal advise from us on how or when to pay back any given debts.

    Debt Consolidation Information | | 36KB | 2008-09-18 20:24:33
  • Farsight FreeCalc 1.5

    perform arithmetic operations in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) or ALG (Algebraic) mode.more than one hundred functions are supported, including algebraic, trigonometric, hyperbolic, date, statistical, and financial functions.In addition to Farsight Calculator contains a set of powerful tools,such as "Finance box","date calculations" and "Unit convertor" etc. Main Features 1.RPN&ALG Mode Farsight Calculator can be set to perform arithmetic operations in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation ...

    FarsightSoft inc | | 1.31MB | 2008-09-04 10:59:14
  • Landing page - Ecommerce Conversion rate 1.0

    Landing page conversion rate calculator for ecommerce sites. Allows you to calculate your landing page or website conversion rate

    Landing page | ... | 10KB | 2008-08-11 01:25:33
  • Learn Forex Currency Trading Online 1.0

    Forex currency converter which is very fast and easy to use. The exchange rates are updated directly from the European Central Bank's website. Can be used as a tool to assist in learning forex currency trading online or as a general currency converter.

    Learn Forex Currency Trading Online | | 518KB | 2008-05-23 20:34:20
  • Euro Converter 1.0

    Euro Converter is a free utility that will convert Euros to your Country's currency and vice versa. It works by getting the current exchange rates from the Internet so the rates are always up to date. The Euro is a relatively new kind of money and was introduced in 2002. It meant that traditional European Union currencies like the French franc disappeared. Many countries now use it instead of their own separate money and many sales, including by Internet, are in Euros so the Euro Converter ma ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.37MB | 2008-05-23 12:23:46
  • Car Lease Calculator 1.0

    Car Lease Calculator Software, free software download. Car Lease Calculator Software is a freeware tool that allows you to calculate the monthly lease payment and the overall lease costs. Step-by-step through a few easy questions about the lease. Then we'll analyze your answers and give you your results instantly. Use this calculator to analyze any lease deal: Find monthly payments, calculate total lease costs, discover hidden fees, and check dealers' figures. 1. MSRP What is the ... | | 1.53MB | 2008-05-07 19:14:02
  • Free PDF Converter 1.1

    Free PDF Converter is a online web-based document to PDF converter software. It converts various types of files like Word DOC, Excel XLS, PostScript PS, PowerPoint PPT, RichText RTF and others to PDF. The PDF documents are created in few mouse clicks, no any additional software is required. PDF files can be protected with password or watermark added to document. Free PDF Converter also has the opposite feature enabling to convert PDF documents into MS Word DOC files.

    Baltsoft | | 761KB | 2008-04-27 14:50:47
  • Wrought Iron Chandelier Ebook 1.0

    Wrought Iron Chandelier Ebook Design Ideas for Home Improvement. Find unique light fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces, and more. Great articles for how to remodel ideas and do it yourself home improvements.

    Wrought Iron Chandelier | ... | 414KB | 2008-04-23 01:34:49