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  • UnlockMe 1.0

    UnlockMe enables you to delete, move or rename files or folders that are temporarily locked by other processes. UnlockMe was designed to be a useful Windows Explorer extension allowing users with a simple right click on a file or folder to easily get rid of error messages and end the process locking the item. If you ever tried to work with a file and get one of these annoying messages, Cannot delete file: Access is denied There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination file may ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 225KB | 2009-04-16 15:45:13
  • XP Repair Install 1.0

    There are times when Windows XP becomes so corrupted it won't run correctly or wont start at all and it seems that the only solution is to format and reinstall losing all data and programs. But doing so isnt always necessary as there is a way to perform a repair install without losing any data. One of the best kept secrets of Windows XP is it's built in repair feature and I have written a step by step manual making it possible for anyone to repair their installation. In previous versions of W ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.57MB | 2009-03-11 10:08:51
  • UnZip Me 2.0

    UnZip Me is a Free, simple to use utility for extracting and creating Zip files. Designed with the novice in mind, all one need do is locate the Zip or your files and UnZip Me does the rest. It will extract or create the files, display where that file is and even open it for you. Have you ever unzipped a file only to forget where the files were extracted to and have to search your PC for them? UnZip Me solves that problem by keeping track for you. If you don't need or don't want to invest i ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.26MB | 2008-10-02 08:44:16
  • Camtech Checksums 1.0

    Camtech Checksums is a free utility for verifying the integrity of files. A checksum is a value which is computed to allow you to check the validity of a file. All files have a unique checksum and if you change even one byte in a file, and then run it through the program again, the result will be different. This is used as a way to verify whether a file has been altered. Camtech Checksums offers two different types of check sums. CRC32 is an 8 character string and MD5 is a 32 character strin ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.07MB | 2008-09-09 18:40:20
  • Folder Drives 1.0

    Folder Drives is a small freeware utility that will mount your most used folders as Virtual Hard Drives making them easily accessible from My Computer, the Explorer Tree and from within the program. Traversing through Windows Explorer to get to the folder we want can sometimes be troublesome and time consuming. Using the folders as Virtual Hard Drives provides instant access to any folder added to the program. Folder Drives works on any folder on the local computer and across your Network i ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.56MB | 2008-08-18 18:57:57
  • Acrobat Speeder 1.0

    Acrobat Speeder is a free utility that can reduce Acrobat's loading time up to 80%. Acrobat takes so much time to open because it loads about 40 plug-ins, most of which aren't needed for the average file. Acrobat Speeder can disable unneeded plug-ins greatly increasing Acrobat loading speed. It is compatible with Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP/Vista and Acrobat Reader or Professional versions 3 through 9. It will even work with multiple installations of Acrobat.

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.76MB | 2008-07-09 13:46:04
  • Euro Converter 1.0

    Euro Converter is a free utility that will convert Euros to your Country's currency and vice versa. It works by getting the current exchange rates from the Internet so the rates are always up to date. The Euro is a relatively new kind of money and was introduced in 2002. It meant that traditional European Union currencies like the French franc disappeared. Many countries now use it instead of their own separate money and many sales, including by Internet, are in Euros so the Euro Converter ma ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.37MB | 2008-05-23 12:23:46
  • USB AutoRunner 1.0

    USB AutoRunner is the ultimate add on for anyone who uses USB drives. With USB AutoRunner you can have applications or documents autorun when you insert your USB device. When you insert your USB device into a computer your chosen application or file will automatically open. The following list shows some example usage for USB AutoRunner: Autorun your Contacts, To Do List, Applications etc. Autorun Word, PowerPoint, Excel files Autorun a picture Autorun video, music files or playlists Optionall ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.01MB | 2008-05-05 02:11:27
  • MsConfig Cleanup Utility 1.0

    Msconfig (Microsoft System Configuration Utility) is a small tool included with most Windows Operating Systems which allows you to enable or disable auto-start Programs and Services. When you type Msconfig into the Run box it opens the program allowing you to stop unnecessary programs from always starting with Windows. However it does not allow you to completely remove an entry from the list. It only removes the check from the box leaving a useless entry in your Registry. This is where MsCon ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.02MB | 2008-03-02 09:37:57
  • CL-Tools 4Win 1.0

    CL-Tools 4Win is a free suite of user interfaces for several command line utilities otherwise available only in DOS Mode. These four are used often here and I thought I would make them available to anyone that might have use for them. The suite includes GUI?s for Microsoft?s CDImage, Cabarc, MakeCab and UPX by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer, László Molnár and John F. Reiser. CDImage 4Win The purpose of CDIMAGE is to generate an ISO CD/DVD image from the contents of a folder on the hard drive. There ...

    Camtech 2000 | | 2.26MB | 2007-04-23 04:00:00
  • Hidden Utilities XP 1.0

    Hidden Utilities XP allows access to nearly 100 hidden utilities that are not normally accessible to the average user. System information, diagnostics, repair tools and more in both Windows and Command Line utilities are now easily opened. Hidden Utilities XP includes easy access to 53 Windows tools and 42 Command Line utilities.

    Camtech 2000 | | 229KB | 2007-01-30 05:00:00
  • MP3 Stats 1.0

    MP3 Stats is an easy to use informational tool that will return vital statistics about your MP3 files. That information includes file size, file time, MP version, encoding, frequency, CRC, Copyright and more. In addition it will calculate total size and playing time of all files in a directory.

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.05MB | 2004-02-02 05:00:00
  • MediaJoin 1.0

    MediaJoin is a free program for combining your Video/Audio clips into one file. This simple, no frills program makes it easy for anyone to combine their clips. It's compatible with MP3, WAV, MPG and MPEG files. It can also be used to combine Text file and other notes. If you have a lot of notes saved as text files like I do use MediaJoin to combine them into one Text file.

    Camtech 2000 | | 1.31MB | 2003-12-10 05:00:00
  • CT Cookie Spy 3.0

    Ever wondered how many cookies are on your computer and where they came from? This little utility will not only show you but also lets you delete the ones you don't want. It will present you with a list of all the cookies on your computer, date and time they were created, life expectancy and show you the web site that put them there.

    Camtech 2000 | | 403KB | 2003-09-15 04:00:00
  • Digi-Info 1.0

    There's quite a bit of hidden information in pictures taken with your Digital Camera and Digi-Info will extract that info so you can view and save it. Types of information include Camera make and model, Orientation, Resolution, Exposure Time, Date, Time, Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, Subject Distance, Metering Mode, Light Source, Flash on/off, Focal Length, Width, and Height, among others.

    Camtech 2000 | | 533KB | 2003-09-08 04:00:00