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  • Amper 1.6

    In the following, pretend ! is an ampersand. Amper converts ! to !amp; in HTML files, but does not convert it when the ! is already in an entity e.g. !lt; !thetasym; !eacute; The main use for this is to pass HTMLValidator verification of your HTML, which is very picky about !, especially inside URLs. As a side effect, it also ensures all your comment delimiters balance. It does not change ! inside comments, though it will change it inside href= and image= urls, or anywhere else e.g. Java Appl ...

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  • Align 1.6

    ALIGN aligns data in ASCII text files into neat columns. Also converts comma-delimited files to columns with 2 spaces between each column. Input fields must be separated by commas or white space. Fields may contain spaces if they are enclosed in single or double quotes or C comments /* ... */ or //. The best way to understand this program is to try it on a COPY of any ASCII Text file, especially one that contains badly aligned columns of data. It left justifies the output so it is designed f ...

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  • Accumulate 1.3

    Used to accumulate values by category. It might be useful for example in a billing program to accumulate hours by various categories. It could be used to count how many times various words occurred in a document. All you need is: buckets.accumulate( "somecategory", someamount ); And Accumulate looks after creating the buckets to accumulate new categories for you. e.g. Accumulate buckets = new Accumulate( 20 ); buckets.accumulate( "ugli fruit", 3 ); buckets.accumulate( "peaches", 10 ); b ...

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  • Screws 1.3

    CMP Screws and Screwdrivers draws eight types of screw heads. It is a teaching example for how to use Java Canvas, fillRect, fillOval, fillPoly and AffineTransform to draw. Java source is included for you to cannibalise. It draws 8 types of screw heads. To run as an application, type: java -jar C:commindprodscrewsscrews.jar adjusting as necessary to account for where the jar file is.

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  • Say! 1.6

    SAY! is like DOS/Windows/Take Command ECHO with easily embedded control characters. It lets you echo both text and control characters to pipes or files to construct small files on the fly in bat files. You specify embedded control characters as their decimal number equivalents e.g. 7=bell 8=Bs 9=tab 10=Nl 12=form feed 13=Cr SAY! "empty" 13 10 > dummy.txt SAY! "Y" 13 | DEL *.* SAY! 27 "&l5257.1058J" 26 > LPT1: SAY! 7 7 7 "The sky is falling" SAY! "first ...

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  • Rightsize 1.0

    RightSize checks that .png, .jpg, .jpeg and .gif files are the size you expect. By that I mean the size of the images in pixels, not the size of the files themselves. In particular, you might use it to check that all your PAD icons are precisely 32x32, or to find all the very large or very large images in your collection. It will also check that files are consistent, e.g. that you have not stored a gif file with a png extension. You can check single files, list To check a single image file is ...

    Canadian Mind Products | | 1.19MB | 2011-10-11 13:49:54
  • Rgrow 1.3

    RGrow resizes fixed length records e.g. RGrow.exe MyFile.seq 500 600 will grow each record from 500 to 600 bytes by padding binary zeros. Will also truncate records. These are not the old and new sizes of the file, but of the fixed length records in the file. If you increase the record size, each record will be padded with nulls. The entire file will grow as a result. This program may be freely copied and used for any purpose except military. C source included. Works as a Windows Console ap ...

    Canadian Mind Products | | 68KB | 2011-10-11 13:10:36
  • Restore 6.4

    Restore old MSDOS or PCDOS floppy backups. Canadian Mind Products Restore works under all versions of PC and MS DOS from 2.0 to 7.0 and will restore diskettes created by DOS BACKUP 2.0 through 5.0. It runs fine under Windows or OS/2 in the DOS emulation box. RESTORE A: [C:][path][filespec] [/S] [/P] [/Q] For details of use see the enclosed RESTORE.TXT file.

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  • Replicator 10.5

    The Replicator lets you distribute large numbers of files to many people efficiently. The software automatically downloads just the changed files and deletes ones no longer part of the distribution. Unlike other similar tools, all it requires is an ordinary HTTP website. It requires no code to run on the server. It can also work with CDs, and LANs. Custom configured for each customer. Not free. Registration includes help in setting up the configuration file. Why the spectrograph rainbow spec ...

    Canadian Mind Products | | 2.8MB | 2011-10-11 10:20:01
  • RadixSort 1.6

    RadixSort is a fast internal sort written in Java that mimics a card sorter. Source provided. It is faster than both HeapSort and QuickSort. It sorts using a comparision routine you provide to compare two elements to be sorted plus a method to extract individual bytes from the keys to be sorted. The time to sort each item unlike most sorts, does not increase with larger sorts. It depends rather on the key length. You can test it with: java.exe com.mindprod.radixsort.TestRadixSort

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  • Quoter 4.7

    Converts text with many possible cleanups, including preparation of HTML and Java, aligning in columns, character set conversion, case converting, removing excess white space, removing blank lines, preparing regex expressions.... converts raw text with the following possible cleanups: 1. Convert awkward characters to entities for HTML 2. Quote for Java Strings. e.g. C:MyDirMyFile.txt -> "C:\MyDir\MyFile.txt" 3. Convert to a CSV field with commas and spaces in quotes, and quotes doubled. 4. ...

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  • QuickSort 1.6

    QuickSort is an implementation of Tony Hoare's classic QuickSort. QuickSort works by choosing a pivot point and ensuring all elements below the pivot point are small all above are big, (i.e. smaller than the pivot) Then it recursively splites the upper and lower halves, repeating the process. QuickSort is an internal sort written in Java. Both RadixSort and HeapSort are quicker than QuickSort. QuickSort can also take pathologically long times if there is too much pre-existing order in the items ...

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  • Pws 2.0

    PWS (the pathway amanuensis) helps you with personal problems. You describe your problem and it prescribes some sage advise based on Ken Keyes' twelve pathways from the book Handbook To Higher Consciousness. To install, Extract the zip download with WinZip, available from (or similar unzip utility) into any directory you please, often C: -- ticking off the (user folder names) option. To run as an application, type: java -jar C:commindprodpwspws.jar adjusting as necessary to accoun ...

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  • Primes 1.4

    calculates the prime numbers 1..N, tells you if N is prime etc. Prints tables of primes. Computes the prime just below or above N. It is useful in computing optimal Hashtable sizes. Java source included.

    Canadian Mind Products | | 52KB | 2011-10-11 05:03:27
  • Pluck 1.0

    Scans multiple files looking for a REGEX pattern, and summarised what it finds as a CSV file. java -jar C:commindprodpluckpluck.jar ".[a-z]+." E:temptemp.csv E:somedir adjusting as necessary to account for where the jar file is. The first parameter is the regex pattern. See regex in the java glossary for how to compose them. The next parameter is where the output in to go. use the word console to have the output appear on the console. Then put a list of files and directories on command lin ...

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