Version: 4.0
Released: 2010-08-10 00:28:00
Language: English,Albania
Platform: Android,Handheld/Mobile Other,iPhone,iPod,Java,Linux,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,L
File Size: 2.63MB
Price: $0.00

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Chatroulette Alternative 4.0 Description

The top rated Chatroulette Script
CR-C is a video chat software developed with Adobe Flex Builder 3 (Adobe Flash Builder 4) used as base for chatroulette, speed-date and speed-chat websites. CR-C has several different versions sold by a diversity of commercial websites. CR-C software serves as base for most video-chat websites like JabberCam and most chatroulette.?? and chatrt.?? clones and copies.

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Short history:
After the “Phoenix” release (v 1.1) of chatroulette clone, our software started to bring new features that were not part of the first copycats. Step by step, supported by our community, we created a software that was different form the original idea.

Chatroulette Clone 2.8 was the first release that made our software popular with ~1000 online users and top positions in search engines. Since version 2.8 more and more chatroulette websites and webmasters switched to the software solution provided by us and created amazing new services and intuitive features.

The Chatroulette Clone 3 CRC “Milestone” release made the software available for everyone instead of just developers and programmers as used to be. JabberCam (built on CRC 3.0) started to gain popularity and brought dozens of new features included in the software by default. The chatroulette clone turned into an alternative, a top rated and flexible video chat software solution.

What’s New?
The upcoming Chatroulette Clone 4 CRC “Mature” release is another milestone where we shouldn’t call our software a chatroulette alternative any more. With the new features CRC 4 is the turnkey solution to start your own speed dating website or a speed-chat service for your clients. If you opt to start a chatroulette alternative website, you will have dozens of features to chose from:

Main Features
Speed-date and speed-chat, age selector, gender filter, user filtering & report, browser detect internationalization, system sounds...

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