Released: 2009-04-19 14:26:42
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The free-of-charge VoIP-client allowing Internet users to communicate with each other as by the phone. The utility is alternative becoming very popular appendices Skype, but, as against the last, is more loyal to resources of a computer and uses the advanced open data links that provides compatibility with set of similar networks. The basic opportunities: the instructionof a site of each of participants of conversation on a map of the world; deduction of a line with musical support on a choice; blocking of a line with variations of messages from "polite" up to "rough"; audio for sending by e-mail; record of a bell; the interactive voice appendices developed by company Tellme with which help it is possible to receive news, exchange parameters, weather forecasts and even to play in Black Jack. Additional opportunities: the notice on a theme of conversation which the caused subscriber receives before the beginning of a session of communication; the indicator of quality of the communication, similar to the indicator of stability of connection on mobile phones; the indicator of availability of the subscribers, similar distributed in internet-pagers

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