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  • WinProxyCommander 1.0

    Automatically search, test, and rotate free web proxies for windows. With the click of a button WinProxyCommander searches free proxy websites and tests the proxies they have listed and gives you their latency times ans working status. You can then set one of the proxies as active or automatically rotate through all proxies found to be working. WinProxyCommander also allows you to manually import a list of your own proxies to test or rotate through.

    Commander Software | | 592KB | 2007-12-11 09:36:50
  • StealthBannerCommander 1.0

    Quickly and easily create click magnet stealth image banners. Internet surfers have become immune to most image banners seeing them as only unwanted advertisements and as such completely ignoring them. With the Stealth Banner Commander you can quickly and easily create stealth image banners that don't look like advertising banners with no graphics or image editing skills. Get your ads clicked like crazy!

    Commander Software | | 694KB | 2007-12-11 07:53:50
  • DirectorySubmissionCommander 1.0.2840.4

    Easily submit your site to unlimited directories with the power of search. No more are you limited by the developers list of directories. Use Directory Submission Commander's built in search to find and submit your site to unlimited targeted directories absolutely FREE!!!

    Commander Software | ... | 2.39MB | 2007-12-10 13:37:23