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  • Safetica PERSONAL 3.0.5

    Antivirus software and firewalls will not protect you from data loss Your passwords, documents and photographs are data which should be secret. They are not safe even on your disks. A flashdisk can be lost, a notebook stolen and your computer attacked by a hacker. Safetica offers a unique set of tools for computer security and protection of your data at home or on a journey. It will safely delete unnecessary files and whole disks without the option of recovery. Quickly and without complicated s ...

    COSECT Ltd. | | 40.04MB | 2010-03-19 19:27:42
  • DisCryptor PERSONAL 3.0.0

    Protect your digital privacy! DisCryptor Personal will manage it for FREE! DisCryptor Personal is an excellent assistant of your digital privacy protection. It hides the content of your disks against unauthorized access and creates secured area for your personal data. It simply secures your files, folders and e-mail attachments by a click. It is a reliable security in case of theft of portable media (flash drives, etc.) and still user friendly program on another PC. The program ensures saving o ...

    COSECT Ltd. | | 23.12MB | 2009-10-13 13:59:55