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  • ToolsPackage 8.4

    The ToolsPackage includes 57 small tools which can be started without installation. There is a quick-start tool, currency calculator, calendar-week, bookmark-checker, website-backgroundchecker, copy pathes, clipboard organizer, desktop-to-front, ASCII-Extractor, alternate screen saver, cliptext-to-html converter, char counter, entity converter (html), PathCopy for OpenExpert, ClipSort, text trim, exe browser, Val2Words, tray manager, time calculator, WinOnTop, AutoCopy, MultiReplacer, Tour, Chec ...

    Detlev Schaefer | | 893KB | 2005-12-11 05:00:00
  • RemoteKeys 8.7.2

    RemoteKeys can automate complex control systems, but also simple jobs like inserting text passages into Word and EMails, filling out (internet-) forms with recurring phrases etc. To do this simply click onto one of the 2500 buttons, which can be freely assigned and labeled. The macros can also be released by using the keyboard if prefered. For those wishing to make full use of RemoteKeys, there are over 400 commands available, e.g. inserting the actual date into a text, opening program groups an ...

    Detlev Schaefer | | 1.54MB | 2005-02-21 05:00:00
  • Mediamat 3.6

    The Mediamat is a file manager & timer. It is suitable as a main program for self-recording CD´s used to open all types of file (exe, bmp, htm etc.). Descriptions, screenshots and groups can be assigned to the entries. Mediamat projects are easy to develope thanks to drag´ n drop. Built in are over 20 script commands to create folders, unzip files etc. With the integrated layout designer an own user interface can be created (e.g. a background image showing a company logo). A pop window is inc ...

    Detlev Schaefer | | 445KB | 2003-03-26 05:00:00
  • Copy&Trim 1.2.1

    Copy&Trim cuts spaces and tabs before and behind each clipboard included line, specially useful if something was copied from a website into the clipboard. It is often required to copy information or source code from websites to store them in ascii format. But the output is mostly terrible because there are hundrets of tabs and spaces included. This application will not only offer a readable text but will also reduce the text size.

    Detlev Schaefer | | 15KB | 2002-12-15 05:00:00
  • Euromat 1.8.5

    The Euromat is an international freeware office and currency calculator with many functions. It calculates the Euro-based currencies as well as the ever changing non Euro currency rates. Include papertape, tax, discount, memory, brackets, excel converter, macro recorder with library, layout designer and much more. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish selectable, but an in-built expandable translation feature will allow user to adapt Euromat to their own language. After do ...

    Detlev Schaefer | | 218KB | 2002-10-13 04:00:00
  • WinOnTop 2.0.01

    Fixes any window on top of the screen, so it can not be covered by other windows.

    Detlev Schaefer | | 13KB | 2001-02-05 05:00:00
  • AddTime 1.0.01

    Time calculator. Allows to add/sub hours and minutes and to convert the result in decimal. Drag & drop for using with Excel and other programs.

    Detlev Schaefer | | 19KB | 2001-02-05 05:00:00
  • TrayMan 1.0

    Adds the icon of any application/file into the system tray. Easy use by drag & drop.

    Detlev Schaefer | | 18KB | 2001-01-24 05:00:00
  • QeepIt 1.3.02

    QeepIt is designed to organize ToDo-Lists very fast without clicking thousands of buttons. Forget paper and pen. It can be used in realtime during a telephon call. Set priorities by moving important notes to the top. A mask function allows the use as a small and handy data base application for addresses and any other stuff. Of course a powerfull search function is included.

    Detlev Schaefer | | 191KB | 2000-11-30 05:00:00
  • PADbased_UpdateChecker 2.1

    PAD is a new submission standard for programmers to present their software information to software publishers and journalists. All software - this program included - support this standard, but PAD is much more functional. The PADbased_UpdateChecker scrutinizes all PAD-based programs for the latest updates and can be compaired with harddisc versions (internet connection required). If an update exists it can be downloaded with one mouseclick only. The user may include any PAD-based ...

    Detlev Schaefer | | 98KB | 2000-09-12 04:00:00
  • Mini-Avalanche 1.1

    Mini-Avalanche is a traditional board game. The players have to throw balls into the top of the board but on the way to the bottom they will be stoped by several seesaws. Than the opponent has the chance to catch them also by throwing balls into the board. If the player checks the seesaw positions and finds out which ways the balls will take, he has the chance to conquer his opponent called PC.

    Detlev Schaefer | | 39KB | 2000-08-23 04:00:00