Version: 1.2
Released: 2004-12-12 05:00:00
Language: English
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DocFlex/Doclet 1.2 Description

DocFlex/Doclet is a freeware edition of DocFlex/Javadoc. It provides only output generator and interprets the basic templates embedded into the executable Java library as resources.

The provided templates allow to generate Java API documentation in HTML, RTF and TXT output formats similar to that produced by the default Javadoc doclet.

The RTF output is the most prominent feature of this tool as this is the highest quality RTF looking almost identical to the HTML produced by the default doclet plus all the pagination things above this, such as page numbers and tables of contents. The HTML tags embedded in doc-comments are properly supported in RTF. The HTML output is a multi-framed HTML like the one produced by the default doclet.

The TXT output may have little use by itself, however, it may be precious together with the custom templates (see below) for various utilizations of Java code information provided by Doclet API, for instance, for generating XML files by it.

Externally, the DocFlex/Doclet behaves like an ordinary Javadoc doclet with a little GUI above it (see screenshots).

Besides this, the DocFlex/Doclet is also able to freely execute any external templates, however, only those created with the licensed copy of the DocFlex/Javadoc, full edition. So, by purchasing a commercial license for the full edition, you will be able to create your own templates and distribute them wherever you like, allowing other people to use your templates with the free DocFlex/Doclet without any additional charge.

We welcome everyone to use this tool !

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