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  • Health Care Consumer Questionnaire 1.0

    The FREE Health Care Consumer Questionnaire is a comprehensive medical history form designed to be filled out by the health care consumer prior to a visit with a health care provider. This MedicalTemplate is appropriate for a new patient evaluation or any visit to a health care provider.

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  • GenericMedList 1

    GenericMedList features medication discount programs that do not have complex eligibility requirements, applications to fill out, additional costs, or the long term commitment of programs such as Medicare Part D. GenericMedList is a valuable resource for physicians, nurses, health care providers, case managers, social workers, and health care consumers when researching affordable medications. GenericMedList includes programs such as the Walmart $4 medication program, the Target $4 medication pro ...

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  • ProfileMD Classic 1.06

    ProfileMD Classic is a FREEWARE personal health record that can give you instant access to your medical history in case of emergencies, physician office visits, or anytime you need the details of your medical history around-the-clock, anywhere in the world from your PalmOS PDA. ProfileMD can help reduce medical errors by providing rapid access to accurate medical information. ProfileMD can help cut down on redundant tests and treatment.

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