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  • Tala Web Email Extractor Express Edition 1.0.0

    If you want to boost your sales, find more clients and get more visitors to your website, you should have the Tala Web Email Extractor (TWEE) software. TWEE allows you to extract emails addresses from the websites with only TWO mouse clicks, you just need to select category or enter your search keywords and click search button, TWEE will search the web and extract all email addresses it finds TWEE allows you to extract emails addresses from websites with specific CATEGORY, specific COUNTRY or ...

    Encrypt4all Software | | 832KB | 2011-08-09 11:13:32
  • Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 1.8.4

    Advanced Desktop Locker Pro (ADL) is an easy to use desktop protection software, you can lock your desktop with one mouse click. With this software no one can access your desktop or your important files, you can password protect your desktop and display custom message to any one click your desktop, our software record mouse clicks and invalid passwords input to enable you know if someone try to access your PC. You can password protect ADL options, set and change master password of the program ...

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  • BulkSender 2.4.0

    With this tool you can increase your website traffic and exposure to your busines, Bulksendet allows you to send hundreds of thousands of emails just in few mouse clicks,get your copy now and send your email newsletters, targeted email campaigns, BulkSender can manage unlimited e-mail messages (Text/Html) and unlimited mailing lists, order bulkSender now with one time fee (No monthly fees).

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  • Encrypt4all Home Edition 1.4

    Encrypt4all is a powerful encryption software used to store your private documents into a single encrypted archive, implements a real bit-per-bit data encryption, encrypt any types of file, encrypt files larger than 4 gigabyte, folder protection just takes one second, You can safe your important files form viruses, Use it in your home or your business,Encrypt4all is a powerful tool to encrypt strings files that you can encrypt your privates messages,easy to use,many ways to protect and secure yo ...

    Encrypt4all Software | | 1.26MB | 2010-12-31 21:21:28
  • FileOff Standard Edition 1.3

    File Off encrypts your letters for secure transfer across the net ,File Off hide your encrypted messages in pictures or videos files,nobody would realize that your important letters are stored in your favorite movies,File Off features military grade encryption,its Free!

    Encrypt4all Software | | 716KB | 2010-12-31 00:56:42
  • Encrypt4all Theme Maker 1.5

    Theme Maker program used to create and share themes for encrypt4all software products, you can design your own themes with this easy to use software, if you want you can upload your own themes to encrypt4all software server to add in the themes download page.

    Encrypt4all Software | | 395KB | 2010-12-08 20:00:41
  • Millions Email Generator Lite Edition 3.1

    Million Email Generator [MEG] used to generate millions email addresses in minutes to bulid a consumer mailing list for e-mail marketing and advertising campaigns. You just need to select an email list and click generate to start generation process. When the emails addresses have been generated you can export results to text file, you can verify email addresses, you can extract email addresses from external files such as .txt,.xml files. MEG contains lists - [Email Groups] - of most common first ...

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