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  • Fancy Dress Podcasts 2.50c

    Animate photos of yourself or your heros so that they move around your desktop and move to music or say things. Send love or humorous messages to friends in podcast format or warn people away from your PC via custom animations that start when the mouse is moved. Import any podcast to work with your animation as if you were reading the news for example. It's easy to record your own podcast animations and quicker and more impressive than a video

    Engineering Adventures Ltd | | 1.48MB | 2007-10-05 21:28:19
  • Graphic text generator 1.00c

    Graphic Text Generator lets you write high impact website headings or sentences using elaborate graphic text fonts instead of the limited range of installed fonts. Graphic Text Generator provides a better alternative to using large standard fonts, Flash animations or single bitmaps pictures. It gives a high quality, high impact appearance but is much quicker and easier to produce and will only require a low bandwidth. The hidden accessibility tags are also created automatically. Using Graphic T ...

    Engineering Adventures Ltd | | 878KB | 2006-08-16 04:00:00
  • CD brochure builder 3.00o

    The eLibrary software will enable anyone to produce a quality digital brochure, catalogue, manual or skill training program in less time and for less cost than by traditional techniques. The creator simply needs to drag and drop any number or combination of video (.avi), pictures (.jpg & .gif), text (.rtf), sound (.wav), Adobe *.pdf files, Power Point *.ppt, website *.htm , *.doc, *.xls or stand alone *.exe files into a standard directory structure and the CD catalog builder will display them at ...

    Engineering Adventures Ltd | | 5.35MB | 2005-10-11 04:00:00