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  • EnjoyMyMedia Transmitter 2.0

    By transforming a personal computer folder into a personal broadcasting channel, EnjoyMyMedia turns the simple act of saving a file into a way to stay in touch. These private channels filled with personal media--photos, videos, music & docs, whether on your PC, the Web or paper--are broadcast over the Internet only to friends & family. EnjoyMyMedia is a free, simple, safe way to regularly share your life. The Transmitter will help select folders to ?Netcast? and invite people to ?subscribe? to ...

    EnjoyMyMedia | | 18.9MB | 2007-10-22 01:58:49
  • EnjoyMyMedia Transmitter 1.0

    EnjoyMyMedia is a free personal broadcasting system that is the safest, simplest way to share your life and stay regularly connected to friends and family. EnjoyMyMedia continuously broadcasts personal multimedia--photos, videos, audios, docs, any file--over the Net in live, private channels (secure RSS-feeds) to friends & family. You simply save files while they (and only they) just click links. EnjoyMyMedia turns the act of saving a file into a way to stay in touch. It provides the safest, m ...

    EnjoyMyMedia | | 18.9MB | 2007-09-27 10:58:23