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  • ExtraSpy Employee Monitor 1.53

    One of the main troubles in any business is control over the efficiency of employees. This great tool from ExtraSpy Software allows you to track any Network LAN, giving you the most complete information on what, how and when your network users performed. Activity monitoring software is a means of employee's monitoring. ExtraSpy Employee Monitor allows organizations to rapidly and at minimal cost monitor and examine the activity of their employees on the Internet and in various applications. Any ...

    ExtraSpy Software | | 8.03MB | 2011-03-04 04:46:29
  • True Time Tracker 1.6

    True Time Tracker is free time management software. With it you can learn how you spend your personal or working time. The program starts with Windows and gathers information on applications started, websites visited, various activities over time and consumed traffic. Basing on these data it creates detailed reports. Looking at such report you get comprehensive information of your working day structure, your daily activity and effectiveness of your work. You can learn how many times you interrup ...

    ExtraSpy Software | | 10.98MB | 2011-02-13 11:07:10