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  • Duplicate Payment Detector 1.99

    Cash recovery tool - detection of duplicate payments and other transactions. Identify any type of duplicate item such as invoice payments, employee expense reports, duplicate inventory items, fixed assets, etc. Duplicate payments/invoices can arise due to a variety of reasons, one of the most common of those reasons is when duplicate vendors have been setup. Testing for these duplicates is a common audit activity, but can often become complex because of such things as multiple platforms, diffi ...

    EZ-R Stats, LLC | | 6.78MB | 2010-08-19 04:23:26
  • EZ-R Excel 1.99

    The function of the program is to make statistical analysis easier, hence the name (“Easier Excel”). The routine facilitates and supports data analysis by providing numerous tools and charts, leveraging the facilities within MS-Excel.EZ-R Excel has been tested with Excel 2003 and Windows XP. This routine is available at no charge, and may be used for any purpose, including personal and commercial. EZ-R Excel is a Windows based menu driven system This facilitates access to the functi ...

    EZ-R Stats, LLC | | 6.79MB | 2010-08-19 04:22:46
  • Code Validator 1.0

    Public domain software to cross validate phone number area codes, zip codes and state codes. Useful in verifying or cleaning up such codes in data files. This is a command line program where the column names in the data file to be analyzed can be specified. There are no limits as to file size. Uses industry standard tab separated value (TSV) files.

    EZ-R Stats, LLC | | 535KB | 2006-11-26 05:00:00
  • IP To Country 1.1

    Free IP address to country, monitor for SEO, includes C++ source code, track and filter by country. Can read a list of IP addresses from a file, one per line and check the country they are from. Further details are available at

    EZ-R Stats, LLC | | 787KB | 2006-11-12 05:00:00
  • Web Log Monitor 1.5

    Free Web log analyzer, monitor for SEO, includes C++ source code, track ISP, referrers, program downloads, icon views. Measures unique visits, most commonly viewed pages. Tailored for a specific need, so must be modified for other web sites. This code is being used for hosting done at Using this weblog, I've gotten better than 38% monthly compounded growth, as measured by data transfer and HTTP request data provided by the host. Further details are available at http://www.ezrstat ...

    EZ-R Stats, LLC | | 787KB | 2006-11-03 05:00:00
  • EZ-R Stats for Windows 1.41a

    EZ-R Stats for Windows is an audit software tool for the auditor which can be used for fraud detection Some of the key tools include testing conformity with Benford's law in order to identify unusual data distributions, procedures for quantifying population characteristics such as univariate statistics as well as the identification of outliers. The process is accomplished by dividing the analysis into a series of steps, each of which can invoke different procedures and processes. Using thi ...

    EZ-R Stats, LLC | | 31.69MB | 2006-10-25 04:00:00