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  • Imesh Manager 1.7

    Imesh Manager is powerful software for Imesh users. Imesh Manager handle downloads and organize files (such as for CD/DVD writing or moving to another computer), also features a file list generator to make a searchable database of files for tracking all files or even share the list with friends as a reference. The file database can be sorted by file name, size, or date and can be saved in a text file. It is designed for latest and older versions of Imesh and is totally FREE! How it works: To be ...

    FastSoftwaresDev LLC | | 2.52MB | 2007-07-20 15:57:40
  • Imesh SuperDownloads 3.7

    Imesh SuperDownloads is an accelerator plug-in that will make your days easier by speeding up Imesh downloads spectacularly and optimizes bandwidth utilization. The program sits in the background and automatically finds more online sources from which to download, deeply increasing the overall speed of downloads. The program also provides the completion of long downloads if online sources log off the network; it finds newer online sources for finishing the download. Small and easy to use but best ...

    FastSoftwaresDev LLC | | 2.8MB | 2007-07-20 14:46:06