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FFRend (Freeframe Renderer) is a free, open-source video effects renderer for Freeframe V1 plugins. It can interconnect any number of plugins in any configuration, automate their parameters using oscillators, and display the output full-screen while simultaneously recording it to an AVI file. FFRend has a modular interface, includes an installer and comprehensive help, and supports MIDI, dual-monitor, and plugin authoring, plus parallel processing on multicore CPUs. Packages of free plugins are also available from the FFRend website.

FFRend is optimal for generating content, because it never drops frames, even if the project is too CPU-intensive to be rendered in real time. FFRend is also useful for live performances and art installations, and includes many state-of-the-art features found in professional VJ software.

* All parameters and oscillator settings are controllable via MIDI.
* MIDI assignments can be created via editing, or learned.
* DirectDraw Exclusive mode eliminates tearing.
* Built-in file browser supports clip thumbnails.
* Output file can be any size, so uncompressed recording is only limited by disk space.
* Master speed control allows you to adjust the rate of all your automations at once.
* Controls can be shown on one monitor while the output is full-screen on another.
* Plugin interconnections can be changed at any time via drag and drop.
* Rendering jobs can be queued for batch processing.
* Each plugin runs in its own thread for optimal throughput on a multicore CPU.
* Load balancing allows multiple cores to be assigned to a single plugin.

FFRend also supports plugin authoring: a FFRend project can be exported as a Freeframe plugin. The exported plugin is called a metaplugin, because it uses other plugins as components. A metaplugin can be used in any Freeframe-compatible host, and behaves as if you were running the equivalent project in FFRend.

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