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  • FlyingBit Password Keeper 1.1

    FlyingBit Password Keeper offers a simple solution for the problem of remembering a lot of confidential information. For example, it may include passwords, serial numbers and all kinds of codes. Data is stored in a special encrypted database. Thus, even if someone gains access to the storage, it will be impossible to read information from it. Due to reliable encryption algorithms, such as AES, Towfish and Blowfish, your password database is securely protected. Features: * Supporting variou ...

    FlyingBit Software | | 572KB | 2008-06-07 15:45:10
  • FlyingBit Hash Calculator

    FlyingBit Hash Calculator is an add-in for the OS shell allowing you to find out the hash sum of any file right from the context menu of the system. Now you do not have to run a special program, select the Open menu item and then search for the necessary file. You can find out the hash sum right in Explorer! Moreover, the program can compare MD5 sums with *.md5 files of the GNU MD5Sum tool and also create its own *.md5 files. FlyingBit Hash Calculator calculates the hash sum using about 9 diffe ...

    FlyingBit Software | | 288KB | 2008-06-04 07:11:29