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  • Labyrinth of Terror II 2

    Can you feel the evil. Can you escape from this trap . You must find the exit... if it is that you survive...

    Free Game | | 34.49MB | 2006-08-14 04:00:00
  • Duck Fake 1

    you are not in a nice place , you need go trough the ventilation duck to find the out but is not easy job, you have to fight with so many enemies, that I think better is go to sleep

    Free Game | | 40.14MB | 2006-08-03 04:00:00
  • Life Fair 1

    your mission is kill all the human been in this building and find the out, I think that while you play this game you'll think like me, the live is fair

    Free Game | | 30.2MB | 2006-08-03 04:00:00
  • Arcane Gate 1

    Using Gates wrought of arcane magic, we crossed unimaginable distances to settle hundreds of worlds. Now the earth is almost conquest, safe it commander

    Free Game | | 95.05MB | 2006-07-20 04:00:00
  • House fake 1

    In a house that you could thing that do not exist anythings suspicious, there are a huge bunker plenty of enemy behind the all the evil professor Von Patrick that after thief so many bank, he have the gold that he need to buy a greenzep acid, it is a power full component from you mega gun for conquest the globe, please commander recuperate the gold.

    Free Game | | 54.81MB | 2006-07-11 04:00:00
  • Horror in the Lab 1

    In the lab of the professor Von Patrick, something is happening all the site is so quite, that it' scare to me.

    Free Game | | 54.81MB | 2006-06-04 04:00:00