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  • Pixelville 1.0

    Pixelville is a nice town where a lot of elderly people live. You will need to help them. Build them a nice retirement home where they will be able to relax. Over the years they were terrorized by 16 and 32 bite pixels. Walk through town and talk to everyone you meet, help them and they will help you with crucial information you need to complete your mission. Pixelville is funny interesting free kids game that you shouldn't miss to play. Give it a try, it is free!

    Free Kids Games | | 1.95MB | 2009-05-19 08:31:59
  • Lemon Days 2.0

    Many worlds´ most powerful people started small when they were young. Projects like selling lemonade or being a paperboy decided their future. Free kids games give you a chance to find out if you have whizz and guts to make a small lemonade selling empire. If you have what it takes you just might be the next Bill Gates. It is time to check your business skills, are you ready to take on your first business project?

    Free Kids Games | | 1.59MB | 2009-05-11 15:31:13
  • Fly Bye Bye 1.0

    Fly Bye Bye is funny free kids game where you get to be a house maid. Your job is to kill all the annoying flies. You have to smash them with your swatter. In 40 seconds you have to kill enough flies to reach the next level. Watch out for that lamp. If you hit it and break it you will get fired. If you are very good at the end of the level you can get some nice bonus items. This is another exciting game provided by free kids games website.

    Free Kids Games | | 1.49MB | 2009-04-11 02:09:24
  • Ring Game 2.0

    Ring Game is a free kids game for some serious concentration training. Collect and connect the rings of the same color. When you connect together three rings of the same color they will disappear and make room for a new chain. If you do not have the ring of the matching color you can rotate the circle to gain more space. But be careful the space can fill up quickly if you don't play it right. By each level the rings will fall faster so be sure that you have enough free space. Free kids games li ...

    Free Kids Games | | 1.42MB | 2009-03-22 08:25:31
  • Battle Now 2.0

    Battle Now is a free kids game where you have to use the right fighting strategy to win. Choose your attack and defense strategy. After each battle you won you will earn a certain amount of points. You can use those points to buy new equipment. But choose carefully what you buy. If you spend all your points on defense you will have a poor attacking strength. But if you buy the latest weapons and no defense you will quickly loose all your health. Go out there choose right strategy and win the fig ...

    Free Kids Games | | 2.15MB | 2009-01-29 01:42:00
  • Mario Time Race 1.0

    Mario Time Race is great free kids game where you have to get to your Princess as quickly as possible. She put you on a mission to bring her all the golden coins you find on your way. Collect all the coins and put them in your basket. Watch out for hidden traps and get those coins to your Princess she is already waiting for you on the other side.

    Free Kids Games | | 1.55MB | 2009-01-28 22:53:26
  • The Nighthawk Returns 1.0

    Hold on to your seat, the Nighthawk Returns is back! With improved controllers, new firearms, better shields and a way better maneuverability. It just makes lots of fun playing it. Besides involving into air combat attacks with enemy fighter jets, your mission is to destroy all strategic targets reported by your commander. Do not forget your Nighthawk is able to change directions on place; you can fly forwards and backward. So enemies you failed to take down can stalk you and shoot you down from ...

    Free Kids Games | | 1.43MB | 2009-01-03 18:47:37
  • Mordor Eruption 2.0

    The eruption of the mystical mountain called Mordor has started! Bad luck that you have found yourself in the middle of this natural catastrophe. The tumbling mountain also woke up the fearless dragon of Mordor. To survive you need to avoid falling lava rocks and find shelter when there are just too many of them. But the scary dragon of Mordor spotted you too. He will try anything to hit you with a magic blue rock. It is a rock that has the power to destroy even your special ducking spell. Do no ...

    Free Kids Games | | 1.55MB | 2008-12-31 18:28:27
  • The NASA Launcher 1.0

    You´ll be sweating playing this game! The NASA Launcher free kids game was made for players that are really, really good at playing arcade games. For rookies it is near to impossible navigating the successful launch of the NASA space shuttle. You need to train quite a bit to be able to start collecting points. This game is not for arcade newbie neither for arcade pro wannabes. It is for all those players out there that urge for a game which has what it takes to bring their arcade skills to the ...

    Free Kids Games | | 1.75MB | 2008-12-19 02:17:56
  • Crazy Car 2.0

    Crazy Car is a funny little free kids game. You are a fast little car driving through the mountains. Drive fast and jump high in the air to pick up all the clocks that will give you precious extra seconds. You have limited time available to get to the next level so picking up clocks is very important. Enjoying free kids games like is a privilege that you can claim now!

    Free Kids Games | | 1.63MB | 2008-12-05 07:18:09
  • Drake and Josh 1.0

    Parents are away on business trip and Drake and Josh are partying day and night. But they did not know their parents send granny to check on them. You have to clean up your room before Granny enters. Room has to be spotless knowing that she is a total freak about everything looking spotless. You do not have much time so hurry up and start cleaning. Granny may be old but she surely knows de difference between a spotless teenager room and a party room. Drake and Josh is a free kids game. Play it a ...

    Free Kids Games | | 2.26MB | 2008-12-03 03:58:11
  • Gordon Space Odyssey 2.0

    The time has come to stand up and defend humanity from alien invasion. The invasion is taking place in the Gordon Gate part of the Milky Way. You are the last remaining spaceship pilot of the army belonging to the Star Alliance group. Your mission is to take down all enemy spaceships. Remember that aliens do have technology far more advanced than yours! You need to count on your speed, maneuverability and tactics. Those are your allies in the final fight to control the Gordon Gate area. Shoot do ...

    Free Kids Games | | 1.5MB | 2008-11-25 11:47:12
  • Dino Hatch 2.0

    You have never seen so many dinos hatching at once. It is a real prehistoric plaque of dinos. Hurry, take action and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Clicking on 3 or more same color dinos in a row will remove them from the board. But be alert, those dinos are hatching faster and faster each minute. You will have to engage some supernatural playing skills to click them out. If you don´t eliminate them, they may eat you alive when they grow up into full scale Tyrannosauruses. Eat them now ...

    Free Kids Games | | 2.34MB | 2008-11-16 17:07:02
  • Galactic Fish 1.0

    These are the UGLIEST looking fishes you have ever seen! But so are you. You somehow found yourself in the middle of the galactic soup of odd looking monster fishes. You are the smallest one and they won´t hesitate to swallow you alive. Get out of their way and find spots where you will be safe from the invasion of Galactic Fish. What are you waiting for? Get out there and save your quills!

    Free Kids Games | | 1.52MB | 2008-11-11 08:01:19
  • Retro Jump Game 2.0

    Retro Jump Game is a free arcade adventure and shooting game. Your mission is to collect points by jumping and destroy monsters by shooting at them. Retro Jump Game is the ancient mother of all super Mario games. This free arcade game is a typical representative of first ever 64 bit games that ran on tapes (yes, that is even before the floppy disks were invented). Retro Jump Game will beam you back into late 1980s, when graphics sucked, sound as well, but the action was as intense as it is with ...

    Free Kids Games | | 1.61MB | 2008-11-04 07:46:52