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  • CHM To Exe 1.6.0

    CHM To Exe lets you convert Microsoft HTML Help files (.chm) into secure and stand-alone applications (EXE files). With CHM To Exe, open CHM files, explore them, extract all source files and finally create HTML Executable projects in a snap. With CHM To Exe and HTML Executable (, you can: - Open any HTML Help file (.chm), browse its contents, view its files and see its properties... without having first to decompile it to a folder. - Generate ready-to-compile HTML Executable project ...

    G.D.G. Software SARL | | 1.66MB | 2009-12-09 23:04:02
  • AniTuner 2.0

    Create, edit and convert animated cursor files (.ani) for Windows or animations with AniTuner. Animated cursor files contain an animated mouse pointer and are recognized natively by Windows. AniTuner makes the creation and edition of these animated cursors easy. Everyone can now create his/her own animated cursors and animations in a snap: - Make animated cursors from animated GIF, AVI clips, bitmap strips, or by importing existing image files (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, ICO, CUR) as cursor frame ...

    G.D.G. Software SARL | | 1.52MB | 2009-01-10 18:12:24
  • GSplit

    GSplit is a free original file splitter that lets you split your large files (like compressed archives, multimedia, song, music, movie, backup, Zip, picture, log, large text and document files...) into a set of smaller files called pieces. These pieces are easier to copy or backup to floppies, CD, DVD, USB or any disk; to send by email or upload with file hosting services (forget size restrictions!); to share with friends, colleagues or to distribute to other users through networks and the Inter ...

    G.D.G. Software SARL | | 1.33MB | 2007-06-19 01:49:31