Version: 2.1.1
Released: 2011-07-14 22:49:06
Language: English
Platform: Win2000,Win7 x32,Win98,WinVista,WinXP
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Gas Mileage MPG Tracker 2.1.1 Description

Gas Mileage Tracker is a free program designed to assist drivers in tracking how much gasoline they use. The software can be used to record the MPG used on multiple cars or other vehicles. This makes it idea for your personal cars, a family of vehicles, or even a large number of vehicles where you want to see how individual autos are performing, but also how different types of vehicles compare. In addition, the software enables the tracking of miles per gallon average in both the city and on the highway. Average MPG is calculated for each tank of gas and over the life of the car. The software tracks other statistics like the number of miles driven on the highway, miles driven in the city, total number of miles, and total money spent on gasoline for each vehicle. You can easily scan through all your fill-ups and cars on the main screen where you can select individual cars or look at all your cars data at once. You can sort by car or fill-up name or date. Gas Mileage Tracker has a simple GUI which has most all of the data entry and information on the main screen. Its easy and quick to learn. There is also a way to quickly copy previous fill-ups and a place where you can put specific notes about that gasoline fill-up if you want. Other features include print outs, help, and multiple files. Maybe the best feature of all is that this MPG software is completely free with no limitations or time limits.

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