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  • Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro 3.9

    Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro is a download-accelerator add-on application for BitTorrent. By optimizing bandwidth utilization the program quarantines a better download experience. The variety of Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro functions also include resuming interrupted downloads, clearing downloaded and erroneous files, optimizing Internet connection, saving configurations from last run, auto loading on startup, minimizing into the system tray for easier operation. Plus several user- ...

    GreatSpeedSoftwares LLC | | 2.92MB | 2008-01-31 09:02:20
  • BitTorrent Manager 1.7

    BitTorrent Manager is a software for BitTorrent users. BitTorrent Manager handle and systematize files (for writing to CD/DVD or moving to another computer), and offers a file list maker to build a searchable directory of files so you can anytime follow all files or even send the list to friends as a reference. The file list can be arranged by file name, size, or date and can be saved in a text file. It is easy to use and is totally FREE! How it works: To begin using the program at full capacit ...

    GreatSpeedSoftwares LLC | | 6MB | 2007-07-18 11:44:01