Version: 4.0.314
Released: 2010-05-29 03:59:22
Language: English
Platform: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Ultimate x64,
File Size: 51.25MB
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HSLAB Access Control is a advanced and flexible software for the tracking of the employees working hours usage in a network or on a terminal servers. There are a a lot of the programs to resolve a similar problem. Part from them - simply spyware software intended first of all for capturing user’s keystrokes, passwords and various messages. Noticeably their smaller part is programs - tools for the network administrator, which allows improve use of computers and networks as a whole. HSLAB Access Control is the tool for the network administrators, created for large networks and intended to increase economy of computer resources and pecuniary resources, directed on wages. In fact than fewer staff distract on extraneous things, especially efficaciously they work. Unlike other systems for the working hours usage logging, in HSLAB Access Control it is emphasized on blocking of undesirable programs and on simplicity of the data analysis,reports creations. The system offers a rich functionality: Windows groups support, grouping of programs on types of use (system programs,office programs, the Internet,multimedia, games, etc.); Control of removable data storage devices disconnections/connections: CD/DVD and Flash Drive disks; Control of the other devices connections: mobile phones,players, video cameras and similar devices; Creating diagrams,reports, export and prints reports to popular formats, and many other features. HSLAB Access Control system more then the monitoring system. It is capable to counteract actively to not authorized use of a user’s terminal server session or computer. Access Control will not allow the user to start the program which is not regarding carried out work, will prohibit Flash disks,CD/DVD usage etc. Permissions are completely configured and can be defined for: Server or domain group; Computer in network; Server user or domain user. The software is shipped in different editions.

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