Version: 8.0
Released: 2011-03-17 03:16:51
Language: English
Platform: WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows2003,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Ultimat
File Size: 33.93MB
Price: $0.00

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Iron Speed Designer 8.0 Description

Iron Speed Designer builds database and reporting applications for the Microsoft .NET, SharePoint and software-as-a-service cloud computing environments. Simply point to an existing database and let Iron Speed Designer create a visually stunning, feature-rich Web 2.0 application that is easy to customize and ready to deploy.

In just minutes you'll get a complete .NET Web application - pages, code and SQL - without hand-coding. You enjoy unrestricted access to 100% of the application, and there are no run-time license fees or special server software requirements.

Whether you need an application for data entry, reporting, tracking or management, Iron Speed Designer pays for itself the first time you use it. Join thousands of others who have developed and deployed database applications to the Web, Cloud and SharePoint.

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Howard Mosely
2009-07-07 21:10:42
Simply the best code generator there is!!
2008-07-26 01:15:26
Worked in application development for a long time and finally found a tool which takes away the repetitive CRUD screens and let me focus on the core business layer. Great tool for every .net developer. Loved the tool and the accelerated productivity!
Les Cardwell
2008-07-08 04:35:44
An Archetype Web-Application Generator

IronSpeed Designer is not only a great end-to-end web application
generator, but also serves as a great model for developing true n-tier
applications. Models such as these are a boon to delineating architectural excellence
and can be utilized for describing best practices in coding and
Alan Fisher
2008-06-13 22:38:20
Deployed a fully working web app in less than an hour!
Jim Murphy - Iron Speed MVP
2008-06-13 06:39:49
If you are looking to boost your productivity, Iron Speed Designer is the way to go. This awesome program has paid for itself many, many times over. I am very happy that I no longer have to build applications using only Visual Studio -- 'the long way.'
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