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  • Excel Utility 7.2

    LikeOffice Excel Utility designed to ease your work while using Microsoft Excel. It has many utilities and several areas. Most of the utilities are free to use and few, like Excel Compare are under the PRO version. The Basic version has 90 days trial to all utilities. Once it is installed, a new LikeOffice item is added to the menu in Excel 2003 or a new LikeOffice tab is added to the ribbon in Excel 2007. It is quick to install and easy-to-us. The Excel Utility includes: Compare worksheets(PRO) ... | ... | 1.22MB | 2011-05-26 17:11:10
  • Baby Tips for iPhone 1.0

    Baby Tips is a colorful presentation which every slide in it shows a tip for one of the 12 months in your child first year. | | 1KB | 2011-05-25 18:53:30