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  • Easy Time Tracking 6.0.7

    Easy Time Tracking is a powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use time & expense tracking and customer billing application. It is an ideal solution for those individual contractors and companies who need to know readily how much time is spent on their tasks and how many hours they need to bill their clients for, as well as track expenses they incur. Your business needs Easy Time Tracking if it is essential that you track your employees' or contractors' time, as well as expenses being incurred, to make ...

    Logic Software, Inc. | | 6.68MB | 2012-05-02 05:50:11
  • Easy Projects .NET Personal Edition 4.1

    Easy Projects .NET - the latest generation web-based project management and tracking system. It is called "Easy Projects" for a good reason - it was specifically designed to make software project management straightforward and hassle-free. Easy Projects .NET has exactly those tools and features that you need and without complicated setup. Easy Projects .NET has an intuitive interface and including contextual tips. Despite its simplicity of use, Easy Projects .NET is a powerful and sophisticate ...

    Logic Software, Inc. | | 4.21MB | 2006-09-12 04:00:00