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  • LordAbnev3typo 1.0

    Lord Abnev in conjunction with Buzz Giveaway This Amazing Software lite version Allows you to enter "seed articles" to gather information to build up a completely new and unique articles.This software Saves you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying over every single article you have to write ever!Swap multiple paragraphs within multiple articles and create a completely customized version ready for article distribution.Input your own paragraphs and sentences that will be automatica ...

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  • LordAbnevAmericanPolls 1.0

    Lord Abnev in conjunction with IMBuzz Creator Giveaway helps you create a poll buzz by knowing exactly what your customers want you can easilly understand your customers right at the tip of your fingers.Now you can get ahead on new product addons to please your customers and increase interactivity on your website. Now you can show your customers you care what they want. The good news is it's not as difficult as you think. Create customized professional looking polls for your website. Finally you ...

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  • LordAbnevedu 3.0

    This software is Called (LAeerAR)and it's lesson plan teacher article viewer. It's a Free article collection of all education related articles by The software wheels a collection of the most famous education articles from the last 2-3 months from one of the largest education, teacher and college advocate sites. Choose from a list of articles on Adult Education,Adult Education Schoo,Arizona Department Education,Arkansas Department Education,Art Education,Board Educ ...

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