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  • FastStats Analyzer Free 4.1.5

    Super-fast site log file analysis with SmartDNS lookup. Choose from three licenses: a useful FREE license, Regular, or Gold. Mach5 Analyzer makes websites work for businesses with the fastest log analysis software available. No more long waits for those log files to process -- Mach5 Analyzer makes crunching your website data a waltz in the park. Includes Hits, Bandwidth, Search Keywords and Phrases, Referrers, Visitors per day, Most and Least used resources, File tracking, and tech info lik ...

    Mach5 Enterprises | | 2.61MB | 2005-01-27 05:00:00
  • Mach5 Mailer Free 4.2.246

    Take the bulk out of email! Simple, Free, and Effective. Send personalized email messages to customers, from any database source including Access and Excel, with conditional content, HTML formatting, and attachments. Great for newsletters and announcements! Schedule your mailing for low bandwidth hours. See exactly what your contacts see with advanced preview. Click send for fast multi threaded delivery, and process the inbound email with ease. Your contacts get a personal message ...

    Mach5 Enterprises | | 7.32MB | 2005-01-27 05:00:00
  • Mach5 PopMonger Free 2.0.11

    PopMonger is a free but elegant tool to help you with mailing list management. This very small program is easy to set up with any POP3, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox, and runs in the background. It can check multiple mailboxes and parses through messages, looking for delivery failures, subscribe requests, and unsubscribe requests. When PopMonger finds a matching message, it can add the sender's address to a list along with a date and a label indicating why the email was added f ...

    Mach5 Enterprises | | 1.51MB | 2003-12-20 05:00:00