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  • Megaman X Rebellion 1.0

    Our heroes X, Zero, and newcomer Shadow under the Commander Redips are given the mission to infiltrate Giga City, an island city built around the impact of the Force Metal meteor, once the initial team is assumed to be perished. A Maverick and Rebellion Army Commander named Epsilon has been able to overrun the city's Force Metal factory and poses a great threat to Reploid advancement.

    Mario Games | | 11.39MB | 2010-10-29 21:57:57
  • Hitman Versus Christmas 1.0

    Hitman Christmas - Shoot the evil elfs and watch them blow. The evil Elfs wants to destroy the Christmas, use your guns to vanish them from the holy day.

    Mario Games | | 3.89MB | 2010-10-28 04:35:46
  • Legend of Zelda Quiz 1.0

    Legend of Zelda Quiz. This multiple choice quiz is to test your knowledge of The Legend of Zelda series! But these questions won't be easy! Just get started, and you'll see what I am talking about. But don't worry, all questions have an answer, and if you are a hardcore fan of the series you will be able to get them all right!

    Mario Games | | 6.35MB | 2010-10-24 19:11:25
  • Dragon Ball Z 1.0

    Another Dragon Ball Z fangame. Customize your favourite character using many kinds of hair dressing, clothes, flashing effects, scenarios, emblements and other kinds of polishers.

    Mario Games | | 7.28MB | 2010-10-22 19:35:28
  • Dragon Ball Z 3 1.0

    Another funny fangame made for fans. Play as Songo on his magic cloud. Your main objective is to destroy flaying enemies, evil Pilaf again prepared his army and he wants to conquer the Earth!

    Mario Games | | 3.85MB | 2010-10-22 13:13:55
  • Pimp My Mustang 1.0

    Pimp my Mustang is a funny customizable program where can you edit your own ride. Use many kinds of bonnets, many kinds of sport bumpers, iron or chrome mufflers, many kinds of vipers, stickers, colour, spoilers, dashboards, rim of a wheel, steering wheels and many more. If you finish your creation you can take a photo of it or even print your creation car. Have a nice time which this customization car program.

    Mario Games | | 3.75MB | 2010-10-19 05:09:39
  • Panda Call of Duty 1.0

    Fight as panda and defeat all enemy monkey. Use many kinds of weapon to destroy evil monkeys! Game is very similiar to Team 17 Worms, use the strenght bar and shooting angle to hit the enemy!

    Mario Games | | 5.52MB | 2010-10-14 08:30:52
  • Mortal Kombat Catapult 1.0

    Mortal Katapult online game - Mortal Kombat Goes The Distance! Get Baby Sheeva To Safety! Launch the Mortal Kombat character as far as possible as she bounces on explosions and gets sliced.

    Mario Games | | 4.11MB | 2010-10-13 06:31:19
  • Mortal Kombat Arcanoid 1.0

    Another souped up version of Pong with powerups. 1 or 2 players. Did you ever asked yourself what comes out when you combine Pang and Tele Game Tennis Never Ok, anyway, Mortal Pwnbat is such a bastard!

    Mario Games | | 6.68MB | 2010-10-12 20:02:36
  • Megaman Zero 1.0

    Megaman Zero is a different kind of Mega Man game. You are Zero, not Megaman and instead of a gun, you have a short range spear attack. Use many kinds of sword attack and spear to deal your way across enemy army!

    Mario Games | | 5.49MB | 2010-10-12 11:21:35
  • Mario Coloring 1.0

    Super Mario is a classic game series created by Nintendo Entertainment System. Mario and luigi coloring pages. Use many kinds of colours to create a new art!

    Mario Games | | 3.98MB | 2010-10-09 17:22:41
  • Mario Bros Town 2 1.0

    Super Mario Bros Town 2 is a another Super Mario fangame created by fans. This time Bowser raised his power in Mushroom Town, and you must kick his army. Go across colorful levels, beat incoming enemies and bowser minions, collect coins and power-ups. Good luck.

    Mario Games | | 9.72MB | 2010-10-09 01:48:25
  • Lost Vikings 2 1.0

    The Lost Vikings is one of the most charming and unique puzzle games you'll ever come across, despite some console-style quirks. Three stalwart Vikings are accidentally sucked into an alien spaceship during one of their pillaging voyages... and find themselves in unknown land. It is up to you, of course, to guide them home. Gameplay in The Lost Vikings is best described as puzzle-based platform, similar to Lemmings or more recently The Humans: the goal in each level is to get all three Vikings t ...

    Mario Games | | 3.88MB | 2010-10-08 16:30:48
  • Lego Treasure Hunter 1.0

    Jim the Lego Pirate is a Lego man with a plan. He's on a quest to find the legendary Treasure of Skull Island! Help him to explore the dungeons under Skull Island. Find precious treasures and be rich!

    Mario Games | | 4.35MB | 2010-10-08 05:34:07
  • Starcraft War of Honour 1.0

    StarCraft: War Of Honor flash game, play free online flash strategy game, A heavy learning curve makes this strategy game a little hard to get in. Mine and send attack forces to defend earth!

    Mario Games | | 9.06MB | 2010-09-26 22:02:01