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  • Avatar Game Arena 1.0

    Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament. Use special skills to fight against your enemies.

    Mario Games | | 7.75MB | 2010-06-08 06:17:05
  • Avatar Fortress Fight 1.0

    Launch fireballs and more at the other village. Try to take down their dojo by launching weapons. Use many kinds of boulders to anihilate enemy buildings and bases.

    Mario Games | | 4.46MB | 2010-06-07 20:19:02
  • Sonic Quiz 2 1.0

    Play Sonic Quiz 2 flash game Test your Sonic IQ. Answer 10 questions related to the Sonic Game Characters.

    Mario Games | | 7.04MB | 2010-05-13 03:10:36
  • Super Mario Icy Tower 1.0

    Again our brave moustached hero named Mario must free the princess from evil hands of bowser. This time Bowser has builded the giant ice tower and put Mario's true love on the last floor. Play as Super Mario, Luigi, Koopa Troopa or small Goomba. Use jumping abilities and bounce from the walls to get to the last floor of evil icy tower. Make combos to generate more points and submit them to the world score table. Use Arrow Keys to move the character and 'Z' button to jump.

    Mario Games | | 4.78MB | 2010-05-12 04:58:21
  • Mario Super 1.0

    The game idea is a little bit old as the old Mario Bros from NES or Pegasus console. Nothing more to say about the idea. Play as famous red plumber named Mario. Hi is on journey now and must rescue the princess Peach to save her life. Defeat evil Bowser and his minions in colorful adventure filled with evil minions and bonuses in free Super Mario Bros Game by If You need something more about Mario Games, check our Softendo homepage. One More Tip : Game difficulty is dedicated to t ...

    Mario Games | | 6.42MB | 2010-05-11 23:02:32
  • Super Mario Spot the Difference 1.0

    Super Mario Spot the Difference is a small logical game. Your main objective is to find differences on two very similiar pictures but not the same. Check the stars, clothes, moustaches and other Super Mario elements, something is different. Good luck!

    Mario Games | | 7.27MB | 2010-05-10 22:15:32
  • Super Mario Crossover 1.0

    Play a Super Mario Bros with old fashion game characters. This is tribute to classic NES games, and anyone who grew up playing Nintendo should enjoy it. Now please enjoy the hell out of this game and experience Super Mario Bros in a whole new way! Play as Bill Riser from Contra game or Belmont from Castlevania, also you can pick a Megaman from Megaman series or Samus Aran from Metroid game... and a little more characters to choosing. Have a nice playing time.

    Mario Games | | 8.85MB | 2010-05-10 00:34:20
  • Super Mario Bouncer 1.0

    Super Mario Bounce - just bounce Mario Head through skillful levels. Use arrow keys to move the Marios head, up button will increase anty-gravity parameter. And your main condition is to collect all mushrooms on all stages. Good Luck!

    Mario Games | | 7.07MB | 2010-05-09 14:47:50
  • Super Punch Out 1.0

    Joe must to defeat all of his enemies to stay alive. If you fail, Joe will lose his life. Use special attacks and see what is the weak point of Your enemy to beat the game.

    Mario Games | | 6.01MB | 2010-05-09 01:31:42
  • Super Mario World Flash 1.0

    32 Mario levels all with Mario universe enemies for you to jump on and defeat. Can you beat all 32?

    Mario Games | | 5.26MB | 2010-05-08 20:36:05
  • Doom Game 1.0

    This is a fangame adaptation in 3D. Created in macromedia stuff. Your main objective is to destroy devil nest filled with powerful slaves, beholders, minigun spiders etc. Use many kinds of firearms like shotgun, minigun, plasma rifle, BFG and more.

    Mario Games | | 7.89MB | 2010-05-08 18:13:56
  • Deadly Drive 1.0

    Drive the Hummer up and over the rugged stages of mountain to the exit. Each stage is tougher than the last, 10 in total.

    Mario Games | | 5.13MB | 2010-05-07 23:37:15
  • Super Mario Space Age 2 1.0

    Mario is again in space. Resuming his cruel combat against robot enemies. Collect the coins and activate the gates to pass to an upper level. Use Arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.

    Mario Games | | 5.15MB | 2010-05-07 17:31:16
  • Super Mario Princess Peach 1.0

    This time it is the princess, not Mario who has to confront Bowser's henchmen. Use arrow keys to move. Space bar to shoot.

    Mario Games | | 5.36MB | 2010-05-05 20:41:51
  • Cradle of Persia 1.0

    With Cradle of Persia you'll travel through 7 historical epochs. As you precede the game more unique and original bonuses will be available for you. Conquer your way through over 100 levels to build 20 masterpieces of Ancient Persia and free the genie from Aladdin's lamp! Unlock the wonders of Persepolis and become Caliph of Persia in this highly addictive puzzle game!

    Mario Games | | 4.32MB | 2010-05-04 04:20:54