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  • MAXA Notifier for Skype 1.2

    Why is MAXA Notifier for Skype useful? Skype will provide you with a visual or audible notification, according to your settings. However, if you are not always in front of you computer, you cannot track the online status of individual contacts without losing time and disturbing your concentration. Instead or in addition to an optical notification, MAXA Notifier for Skype will notify you AUDIBLY about the state of the individual contacts you are interested in. How do you use MAXA Notifier for Sk ...

    MAXA Research Int'l Inc | | 1.03MB | 2009-06-06 15:31:52
  • MAXA Text2EXE 3.3

    MAXA Text-2-EXE allows to save text encrypted as executable file. It looks like a normal text editor but can save your text encrypted in the executable itself. If you want to secretly distribute the text, you only have to send the file and the receipient will be able to decrypt the text only with the password. With MAXA Text-2-EXE you can hide your serial numbers, passwords, phone numbers and everyday notes in a safe place. Your information will be protected using MAXA Crypt SE with a 256 Bit A ...

    MAXA Research Int'l Inc | | 136KB | 2009-06-03 14:49:57